Facebook’s feign news examination backfires

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A accumulation of stories, from some doubt a kingdom to others about a Great British Bake Off, promoted comments doubt their truthfulness

A Facebook exam that promoted comments containing a word feign to a tip of news feeds has been criticised by users.

The trial, that Facebook says has now concluded, directed to prioritise “comments that prove disbelief”.

It meant feeds from a BBC, a Economist, a New York Times and a Guardian all began with a criticism mentioning a word fake.

The test, that was manifest usually to some users, left many frustrated.

The comments seemed on a far-reaching operation of stories, from ones that could be feign to ones that were clearly legitimate. The remarks, that would seem during a tip of a comments section, came from a accumulation of people though a one thing that they had in common was a word fake.

“Clearly Facebook is underneath huge vigour to tackle a problem of feign news, though to doubt a sincerity of each singular story is preposterous,” pronounced Jen Roberts, a freelance PR consultant.

“Quite a retreat of combating misinformation online, it is compounding a emanate by blurring a lines between what is genuine and what isn’t. My Facebook feed has turn like some awful Orwellian doublethink experiment.”

Many on Twitter also voiced annoyance.

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In a statement, Facebook told a BBC: “We’re always operative on ways to quell a widespread of misinformation on a platform, and infrequently run tests to find new ways to do this. This was a tiny exam that has now concluded.

“We wanted to see if prioritising comments that prove dishonesty would help. We’re going to keep operative to find new ways to assistance a village make some-more sensitive decisions about what they review and share.”

Facebook has been underneath huge vigour to understanding with a emanate of feign news given it was singled out as one of a categorical placement points for hoax stories during a US presidential election.

In Aug it betrothed to step adult the efforts to quarrel feign news by promulgation some-more suspected fake stories to fact-checkers.

It also launched a new underline that published choice news links underneath think articles.