Facebook’s Biggest Black Lives Matter Page Is A Fake Run By A Middle-Aged White Man!

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The largest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is reportedly a rascal — and run by a white Australian male who used it to shelve adult over $100,000 in donations.

According to CNN, a page, simply called “Black Lives Matter,” had roughly 700,000 supporters before it was suspended; roughly 400,000 some-more than a accurate page of a same name.

The page was connected with online fundraisers that brought in during slightest $100,000 that presumably went to Black Lives Matter causes. However, during slightest some of a income went to a bank in Australia.

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Online remuneration platforms for a feign page, including PayPal and Donorbox, have been dangling given a page was unprotected as a fraud.

The fraud has been tied to Ian Mackay, an central with a National Union of Workers in Australia. He has been dangling by a kinship tentative an investigation. A repute for a kinship distanced itself from a scammer, revelation CNN:

“The NUW is not concerned in, and has not authorized, any activities with anxiety to claims done in CNN’s story.”

Mackay has reportedly purebred with dozens of websites, many of that are tied to black rights. He purebred blackpowerfist.com in 2015 regulating his name, email address, and phone number.

Mackay denied using a feign page when CNN reached out to him about it final month. When asked about a BLM website that was once purebred to his name, he told a opening he “bought a domain name usually and sole it.” The Facebook page was afterwards deactivated within a few hours.

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Oddly enough, officials from a accurate BLM org were apparently arcane to a feign page for utterly some time, and explain Facebook and Twitter abandoned requests to have it taken down! A matter on BLM’s website explained:

“For months after observant a feign profiles, a Black Lives Matter Global Network and many of a allies reached out to both Twitter and Facebook to ask a feign profiles be deactivated and taken down. Unfortunately, a requests perceived no adequate response and many supporters continued to be misled. We are relieved that a feign profiles have eventually been private and wish that a amicable media platforms will shortly adopt protocols to stop this from function again.”

Wow. You’d consider Facebook would already have a custom in place for scams like this — or during a VERY slightest would be manageable to requests to have a pages taken down!

Until a amicable site stairs adult a game, make certain any pages we devise on donating to have that blue accurate check symbol on a tip — otherwise, your income is probably going to some white Australian guy.

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