Facebook reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s US Congress testimony

Mark ZuckerbergImage copyright

Mark Zuckerberg has suggested his designed testimony to a US Congress, forward of responding questions during a dual day conference about information privacy.

The Facebook owner will pronounce about a Cambridge Analytica information scandal, Russian choosing division and what a association is doing to forestall destiny incidents.

He will contend a firm’s new investment in confidence will impact a profits.

“Protecting a village is some-more important,” he adds.

On a theme of users’ data, he will contend that each app that had entrance to a vast volume of Facebook information before to 2014 will be investigated. He pronounced remoteness controls had been done easier to understand.

Mr Zuckerberg also admits that Facebook was delayed to mark Russian meddling.

Over a dual year period, 126 million people were estimated to have seen Facebook calm by a Internet Research Agency, a Russian promotion organisation, he said.

However, Facebook has given grown improved AI collection to close down feign accounts, he will tell Congress.

Advertising policies have also been nice to embody temperament checks on advertisers wishing to run domestic ads, and people who run pages with vast followings.

“My tip priority has always been a amicable goal of joining people, building community,” Mr Zuckerberg said.

“Advertisers and developers will never take priority over that as prolonged as I’m using Facebook.”

Analysis: Dave Lee, BBC North America Technology Reporter

What is blank from this statement, and expected to be asked by lawmakers, is because it took a journal to learn this crack of Facebook’s systems.

And, once Facebook knew, because it didn’t forewarn a open and regulators immediately – instead of doing all it could to retard a story.

The measures put out by Facebook in new days are good, common clarity ideas – such as disabling information pity with any app we don’t use for some-more than 3 months.

By because did it take so long? Why weren’t these protections built-in in a initial place?

Mark Zuckerberg is going to try and prominence a good things Facebook has brought to a lives, of that there are many.

But we don’t design US member to give him too most credit for that – not this week, anyway.