EXCLUSIVE: On a Sets of 10 ’90s Movies That Launched Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey & More!

ET was there for all a biggest cinema of a ’90s, and we’re bringing we a best behind-the-scenes moments.

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1. Romeo + Juliet (1996): Leonardo DiCaprio was 21 when he starred opposing a 16-year-old Claire Danes in Baz Luhrmann’s difficult remodel to Shakespeare’s famous play. Even behind thereafter DiCaprio knew that wedlock wasn’t for him. “For me to get married now would take a lot,” DiCaprio told ET. “Marriage wouldn’t even be in my realm.”

2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993): Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner got their cut on while serenading a organization with a Entertainment Tonight topic aria on set in 1992. This was before Hanks’ Oscar wins for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, and he was stoked usually to be featured on a show. “Look!” he said. “We’re going to be on Entertainment Tonight!”

3. Pulp Fiction (1994): John Travolta’s career was relaunched by Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, in that he plays a hitman. “We’re about to strike off a few people upstairs,” he told ET during a set visit. “I’m serious!”

4. Men In Black (1997): Will Smith joked with ET about his caller gadgets in a film that launched a rich franchise. “This is an intergalactic space molecular air-dispersing hair dryer,” Smith said.

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5. Selena (1997): ET met with Jennifer Lopez before she rescued one of her biggest talents. “I’ll be mouth syncing a whole time,” Lopez admitted. “I’m not a singer. we haven’t achieved as a singer. I’m a dancer.”

6. Speed (1994): Sandra Bullock became a star when audiences reason their common breath, hearing her expostulate a speeding bus, yet Bullock left a genuine pulling to a professional. “They have a male right behind here or adult there depending on what a shot is,” Bullock said.

7. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994): Jim Carrey entertained ET on a set of a comedy that finished him a dwelling name, in that he starred alongside a partially opposite Courteney Cox. “Love interest,” Carrey whispered to his streamer lady.

8. Scream (1996): Cox was a bonafide star twin years after on a set of Scream, where she met her destiny husband, David Arquette. “If David Arquette is working, we don’t have to do anything,” Cox gushed. “You usually lay behind and watch.” The former confederate divorced in 2013.

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9. Hackers (1995): Angelina Jolie was a tiny uncertain on a skateboard when we hold adult with her on set in 1994. “You’ll see me decrease in about 5 minutes,” Jolie said. We saw her decrease in venerate with co-star Johnny Lee Miller, whom she marry in 1996. The former confederate divorced in 1999.

10. There’s Something About Mary (1998): Cameron Diaz had been dating co-star Matt Dillon for twin years by a time they started filming a strike comedy. “Basically with Matt and I, we humour any other,” Diaz conspicuous during a time. “There’s no effect that he puts on me, or we put on him for that successive step.” Unfortunately, that “next step” was defilement up, that they did shortly after a film wrapped.

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