EXCLUSIVE: On a Sets of 10 ’80s Movies That Launched Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon & More!

In a 35th year, we’re looking behind during a iconic cinema that we were behind a scenes for, featuring today’s biggest stars before they were dwelling names.

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1. Top Gun (1985): Tom Cruise was usually 23 when we hold adult with him behind a scenes of a exemplary transformation movie, and a burgeoning film star was still adjusting to fame. He approved that it still felt stiff to have girls go ballistic usually to be in his presence. “That kind of things is a tiny uncomfortable,” he told ET 30 years ago.

2. Footloose (1983): Kevin Bacon certain us that his success did not come overnight behind on a set of a deep drama. “I’m 24 years old,” he told ET during a time. “I came to New York when we was 17. I’m not a newcomer.” For Sarah Jessica Parker on a other hand, this was her unquestionably initial underline film. “I’ve never finished a film before,” she said. “I’m training some-more and hearing more. When we have a dance partner like Kevin Bacon, we can’t go wrong.”

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1985): Matthew Broderick, thereafter 24 years old, explained that he had been unknowingly training for his rash purpose for years. “It came naturally to me to play somebody enactment hooky,” he told ET. “I did skip disseminate definitely a bit — in this unquestionably park actually.”

4. Flashdance (1983): Jennifer Beals sat down with us during a offer age of 19 before a film’s release. In a movie, she plays an outlandish dancer and welder user in Pittsburgh, while parallel chasing her dream of attending ballet school.

5. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987): Robin Williams was a discuss lamp for a touching comedy, that was filmed underneath challenging conditions. “Being humorous in this warmth is like carrying sex in a zephyr shelter — a good time,” Williams told ET.

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6. Fatal Attraction (1986): Michael Douglas and Glenn Close came together to singlehandedly change America’s outlook on a topics of cheating, circuit sex and bunnies. “All we unquestionably wish to do is pierce people, make them laugh, spin them on, or startle them,” Douglas said. “What some-more do we wish for twin hours?”

7. Beverly Hills Cop (1984): At 23 years old, Eddie Murphy was already controlling his talent to smack down barriers. “The clarity was creatively combined for a white guy, so we brought a tiny bit of hint cenobite to it,” Murphy conspicuous with a laugh.

8. Platoon (1986): Charlie Sheen was 20 and Johnny Depp was 22 when they played soldiers opposed a horrors of dispute in Oliver Stone’s quarrel classic. “The story is told by my eyes,” Sheen told ET. “It’s a difficult responsibility, yet an
excellent eventuality as an actor.” The film went on to win Best Picture during a Academy Awards that year.

9. E.T. a Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Steven Spielberg showed ET around set right before sensory a famous theatre in that Drew Barrymore screams during a tip of her lungs after expecting a caller in her home. “It usually happens when we work on films that don’t have involuntary sharks and a lot of critical tricks, we can finish them in a reasonable volume of time,” Spielberg common with us during a time.

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10. Parenthood (1989): By a time we visited Ron Howard on set, we were reaching an early spectacle — 2,000 episodes. “Wow, Entertainment Tonight! Two thousand episodes!” he said. “I speculation that creates sense. we cruise I’ve seen about twelve hundred!”

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