EXCLUSIVE | Judwaa 2 actor Taapsee Pannu on wearing a bikini: The highlight was to share shade space with Jacqueline Fernandez

Taapsee Pannu, Taapsee Pannu Judwaa 2, Judwaa 2, judwaa, Tapsee, tapse, Taapsee Pannu latest, Taapsee Pannu newsTaapsee Pannu, Taapsee Pannu Judwaa 2, Judwaa 2, judwaa, Tapsee, tapse, Taapsee Pannu latest, Taapsee Pannu news Taapsee Pannu flaunts her bikini physique in Judwaa 2.

Judwaa 2 actor Taapsee Pannu’s bikini design from one of a sequences of her film ‘Judwaa 2’ has grabbed eyeballs and done all sorts of headlines. But it’s zero of this that done a actor worry even a bit given her biggest concerns were if her fans would accept this avatar and if she would be means to mount anywhere nearby to Jacqueline Fernandez, who is one of a hottest women in Bollywood.

“I wasn’t shaken to flourish bikini though my usually regard was how my assembly will accept it given they have not seen me like this. But we theory a excitability was flattering most sorted after a trailer launched. we didn’t worry most given then. Now, we am really assured and excited. Our film song, Aa toh sahi, was a final strain we shot for a film,” pronounced a 30-year-old actor.

She simplified that while she hasn’t ragged a bikini on screen, she has mostly showed off her bikini physique during her vacations. “Beach end has always been my favourite. I’ve been wearing bikinis whenever we have been out on holidays. So, it wasn’t like we was unwavering about wearing a bikini though it is now that we got a physique that was value wearing a bikini on screen.”

But was removing a prohibited physique a cake travel for a actor? Well not really! Taapsee serve explained all that she had to do to get into this bikini zone.

“Let me only tell you, when peoole contend this film is all about wearing good clothes, looking prohibited or about dancing. Guys, do it for once and we will realize how tough it is. we know that portraying a impression is tough work though this is in no approach any less. Since a impulse we assimilated Judwaa 2, we have been operative out for dual and a half hours. we used to play squish for an hour and gym for 1.5 hours that enclosed simple weight training for tinge up. As distant as diet is concerned, we used to have gluten and lactose giveaway diet compartment a final shot of Judwaa 2. And unchanging detox that we used to do with my naturopath given your physique keeps producing toxins that we need to get absolved of.”

So, what happened when a fire report got over?

“The day we wrapped adult a film shoot, my cooking was dual servings, in fact, dual plates of cake. Then we came to Delhi for my birthday. we didn’t cut a cake though had dual outrageous Bhaturas. That was a provide for me though a startle for my body,” laughed Taapsee.

But all of it kept aside, Taapsee reiterated a fact that some-more than any other thing she stressed about pity a shade space with her co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. “That was a stress. Varun and Jacqueline are famous to have best bodies in a industry. we didn’t wish to demeanour like a bruise ride who looks peculiar one out of a three. So, that was a highlight for sure.”

But she continued that Jacky and Varun were utterly understanding via a fire of a film. She said, “Jacqueline is a happiest celebrity I’ve ever come opposite in a industry. She is always understanding and encouraging. Varun on a other hand, we remember when we had to wear a filigree tip on a bikini for a sequence, he kept observant ‘but we have such a good body.’ we am like -‘yeah, we showed that, now for some time lets keep a filigree tip on.’ It was a shocker for them too given nothing of them had seen me like this before.”

The actor had perceived recoil too for sporting a bikini though Taapsee pronounced she was too happy to spend her certain energies on such disastrous things. In fact, she had progressing told us that how her sister was prepared with a bikini design of herself in sequence to give it behind to a trollers.

Taapsee plays a impression of Saamara in Judwaa 2. The David Dhawan directorial is an central reconstitute of Salman Khan-starrer Judwaa. The film, that has Salman’s special coming in a climax, is all set to strike a screens on Sep 29.

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