EXCLUSIVE Diljit Dosanjh: Nobody cares if we are nice, we need to startle and perform people

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Diljit Dosanjh appears unknowingly about many of a spectacular around a Hindi film industry, and he likes it this way. Bollywood is also not a be-all and end-all for a actor-musician, who is now a luminary in Punjab and among a many renouned musicians in a country. Two-film-old in Bollywood and with an ‘increased staff’, Diljit isn’t anticipating it formidable to adjust in a industry, solely that he is training to understanding with a report that’s created about him and is also perplexing to get used to walking on red carpets, that he finds ‘extremely uncomfortable’.

In an speak to indianexpress.com forward of a recover of his Punjabi film, Super Singh, a actor talks about his destiny Bollywood aspirations, and since he is discreet that his success here doesn’t impact his bond with Punjabi audience, who he believes has a ‘first right’ on him.

Going behind to doing a Punjabi film after dual back-to-back strike Hindi movies, did we feel any difference?

No, zero during all. (Even though) we shot Super Singh after Phillauri though didn’t feel any change.

It’s a bigger industry, it’s functioning is utterly opposite from Punjabi cinema. So, in that clarity did we see any change in yourself or something we were compulsory to do?

That way, a usually disproportion is that my staff has increased. Nothing else. we don’t unequivocally need any staff, we am a self-sufficient male though usually oppulance utha rahein hain thodi (I’m perplexing to suffer some luxury).

Hindi film stars are pronounced to have glitz and glorious trustworthy to them. How many of it has burnished on you?

Is it like that? we don’t know. There’s zero of that arrange that we feel. There’s a onslaught each day. we keep acid for music, subjects… Now, there are no some-more stars. Stars were when Rajesh Khanna ji, Dilip Kumar ji were there. Today, each artist wants people to describe with them. So, how a we stars? During Dilip Kumar ji and Rajesh Khanna ji’s times, there was a mystique, people didn’t know where they lived. Internet wasn’t there. Now, that time has gone. Today, a some-more people describe with you, it’s better.

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But now, when we revisit Punjab, a assembly there don’t demeanour during we in a opposite way, that here’s a man who has spin too big.

I have no suspicion if that is a case, nor do we consider like this that they should provide me differently. we don’t consider about that baggage. I, in fact, always try that my Punjabi assembly never feels that we went somewhere else. They shouldn’t feel for a singular impulse that my bond ever pennyless with them. They should not feel that even for a day that he was someone else’s not ours.

How are we traffic with a increasing attention? Bollywood filmmakers have such good things to contend about you, they wish to expel we and people are some-more than peaceful to watch you.

(Laughs) So, a thing is that in Punjabi films, we can make whatever we wish to make. we wanted to make a superhero film, and we done it. It took time to get funds. It’s bill is some-more than that of a normal Punjabi film though we done it. Whatever we think, we grasp it. Right now, my position in Bollywood is not such that we can do what we wish to. Right now, we don’t have this option. Of course, we get offers each day, calls keep entrance though that’s not my choice. we try to find a best out of what we get offered. But, that doesn’t meant that is what we wish to do. So, we wait… After Udta Punjab, we got Phillauri in a brief time. That we did though post Phillauri, we deserted each film offering to me during final year. we have pronounced no to roughly six-seven films since we don’t wish to do those kind of movies. Even today, a offers that we am getting… we wish to do some opposite form of work.

So, what kind of films are your choice?

Something that is new. It shouldn’t be like we am from Punjab, so, we am doing Punjabi characters only. we am perplexing to stay divided from that. But afterwards we demeanour during this from another perspective, that we am propitious that we am even removing this many work. we am not even estimable of this. This is enough. But… it’s fine. Whatever is happening, is function for a good. we anyway don’t have good expectations. Besides this, we have strain to work on, Punjabi films. This is where we can do my choice of work.

Udta Punjab, Udta Punjab stills, Udta Punjab kareena kapoor, Udta Punjab diljit dosanjhUdta Punjab, Udta Punjab stills, Udta Punjab kareena kapoor, Udta Punjab diljit dosanjh Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh in a still from Udta Punjab.

How desirous are we about your Bollywood career? Does Bollywood doesn’t underline in your long-term plan?

I am excellent if we get some good roles. Then, we will see what to do next. we can’t do a same thing again. If we consider we can do Bollywood films during a widen for years, that won’t happen. This is not my life. But, we suspect if we do dual Hindi films, afterwards we need a mangle and make strain for during slightest three-four months. Then we would do Punjabi films. we wish to keep switching between opposite things. If we get a good offer on TV, we would take that up. we would get wearied if we have to do usually Bollywood films.

Unlike many actors, it looks like a Bollywood bug hasn’t unequivocally bitten you.

No, it hasn’t. There’s a life over films. This (Bollywood) is not how we wish to keep myself busy. we have a lot of other things to do.

Your co-star Sonam (Bajwa, in Super Singh) says Bollywood has done we busier than ever.

(Laughs) Sonam is a disobedient kudi. There’s zero like that. Anyway, this is a right time to get bustling though there is no such goal that we have to start a (Hindi) film as shortly as possible. we have my music, that in fact gets unequivocally reduction time. The impulse we get free, we get into creation music. Super Singh releases on Jun 16 and my subsequent film will go on floors on Jul 1. we have 10 days in between, we have already requisitioned my sheet for a UK, where we make my strain generally.

In your past interviews, we have pronounced that we would play roles that bear similarities with your genuine self. Do we still trust that or are we now prepared to try and examination with a characters?

When we pronounced this, people suspicion that we meant, we would do those roles that are like me. But that’s not what we meant. For example, this new film Hindi Medium, Dinesh Vijan ji (film’s producer) showed a trailer to me. we was like, ‘This is what we describe to’. we have seen that problem around me, it hasn’t happened with me though we have seen. Now, things that have never happened around me, that are fictional, for those characters we will have to work unequivocally hard, ready for them properly.

So, what we meant was that things, that common people describe to, are what we bond to most. Like, my hermit doesn’t do drugs (referring to his Udta Punjab character), though since we have a hermit so, we could bond to my purpose in a film. Also, drug problem is prevalent in Punjab so, we connected with Udta Punjab on that spin already.

What done we select Phillauri, where your purpose was fictional?

In Phillauri, we associated to a climax, that showed Jallianwala Bagh incident. When we started singing, my initial strain was on this incident. So, we connected to a film by a climax. we had no thought how it would spin out. we knew Anushka ji was in it, so, we felt she would have suspicion something good only. My shade time in a film and all else was secondary, for me a high indicate was a climax.

phillauri, phillauri stills, diljit dosanjh, anushka sharma, diljit phillauri, anushka phillauriphillauri, phillauri stills, diljit dosanjh, anushka sharma, diljit phillauri, anushka phillauri Diljit Dosanjh and Anushka Sharma in a still from Phillauri.

It seems your veteran decisions are emotionally guided.

Absolutely, they are. we don’t put any math while holding these decisions. we don’t do things since we will be removing some-more money. If something touches me emotionally, afterwards we will do it even if people tell me it will be a loss. we will contend it’s fine, life mei acha knowledge mil gaya, bohot hai (A good knowledge in life is a good adequate reason).

There have been reports that we will be a partial of Bollywood film with Akshay Kumar, constructed by Karan Johar, that is formed on 1984 riots.

No, that’s not true. we also listened this rumour. we keep conference rumours. But we cite to stay still since we have realised when we go on explaining about it, things spin worse. You will react, afterwards someone else will contend something, afterwards again we will have to speak about it.

But Kanneda with Anushka Sharma is your next, right?

(Smiles) When a film goes on floors, usually afterwards we should speak about it. There’s no use articulate about it in advance.

Coming behind to your ongoing knowledge in Bollywood, is it formidable to sojourn grounded when unexpected everybody wants a square of you?

I feel like a struggler. Every day we hunt for songs, composition, we keep checking what other musicians are adult to. Everyone from informal artistes to general musicians. we also keep a add-on on a UK chart, who is heading it… Who is on series 1 in a US chart… Every morning, we check whose video is there on series 1. we feel, right now my onslaught is going on. Abhi woh time nahi aaya hai (The time has not come yet). we don’t know what people are meditative about me.

So, what will make we feel that we have arrived?

I consider there are still 30 years or so left to arrive during that point. Then, we competence be means to contend that we am excellent and we am no some-more a struggler.

Don’t we review about yourself?

Not much. There’s so many created about me that is not true. This has usually increasing after entrance to Bollywood. Initially, we used to like it. Later, we felt like whom do we tell that this is not true, that these rumours are fake? Then finally, we motionless to let it go. These things come along with (success).

There contingency be some large disproportion between a set-up of Bollywood and Punjabi film industry? Which atmosphere are we some-more gentle in?

There is not a outrageous disproportion though many tiny differences like here in Mumbai, when we come out of your self-centredness van, there’s a red runner rolled out for you, while in Punjab there’s zero like that. Here, there are many departments (in filmmaking), within those departments there are several others. Back home, we don’t even know if there are a few departments.

To me, good work is important. If work is excellent afterwards we don’t have any problem operative anywhere. Then we feel good wherever we am taken. If we am removing a work of my choice, and it’s going good afterwards all is well. And if a work is not adult to a mark, afterwards even a luxuries destroy to impress. People are going to watch your film, not that self-centredness outpost we stayed in, how many staff we have. They are going to watch a film and get entertained. That matters some-more than a outfit around a actors.

The limelight of Bollywood, has it ever done we uncomfortable?

When there are a lot of people and they are articulate loudly, afterwards we spin quiet. That unsettles me. Like, we went to this famous grill in Canada, it is a unequivocally good place though there was shrill strain and people were too loud, afterwards we feel suffocated. So, this is my problem. When we see a lot of people standing, looking during me, we spin wavering to go there. This happens with me even in a gym, when we enter and there are already a lot of people, we feel weird. If we enter initial and afterwards people start entrance in, we am excellent with that.

But that doesn’t demeanour like when we are on stage, maybe since that is your ‘field’?
Yeah, theatre is my place, my comfort zone. we am gentle there, there’s no tragedy on that front.

And red runner appearances, endowment functions?

Oh yes, that is something weird. My group takes me to these functions, though we don’t like walking on a red carpets. we find it intensely uncomfortable. we used to do shows during weddings (in Punjab), there also we would enter from behind and exit like that.

There’s a whole group operative behind a appearances of a star, revelation them what to do. You don’t feel a need?

My group will never tell me to even try this since they know we will never do it. Social media has done it easier to stay connected with your fans. we consider earlier, artistes didn’t unequivocally have a need to stay in news. And we feel if we are connected with your fans around amicable media, we don’t need any image-building exercise. In fact, we strongly feel one should never tumble underneath a trap of image. No one unequivocally cares if we are a good person.
If we don’t startle people, afterwards it won’t be fun. I, myself, won’t suffer examination we if we are not interesting me, notwithstanding we being a good person. we will watch we one day, or maybe a few days though afterwards that’s it. If someone is interesting you, regardless of how he or she is, we will watch him or her. So, for me what’s critical is if we am interesting my assembly not that we execute an innocent, good man image.


So, when we put videos and posts on Instagram and Snapchat, where we are utterly active, what’s your suspicion routine like?

I don’t put any suspicion in this. It is always spontaneous. we wish people to consider when we put something. People should consider since did he do this and how did he do this. It shouldn’t be predictable.

Talking about it, a lot has been pronounced about your emplacement with a Kardashians. Recently, we commented on one of a Instagram videos of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. There were churned reactions. While some found we endearing, there were others who felt we shouldn’t be so publicly in astonishment of other stars, being one yourself.

How did we conflict to all a courtesy around Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner?

I favourite both forms of reactions. we wish courtesy of both kinds of people, so we was happy. It doesn’t worry me, we do what we feel like. In fact, there wasn’t even any such plan. we was in US then. we woke adult and checked Instagram, where we saw that Kim Kardashian was going live. we was in a unequivocally good mood and wrote, ‘Aur kidan?’ (How are you?) After that we sealed it. we didn’t write to get a respond from her. we wrote in Punjabi. Just to make my fans happy, we took it’s screenshot and we put it on snapchat. The suspicion was to make my fans say, ‘Look during this fool, what he is adult to now!’ The usually goal was to make them laugh. Rest, what people pronounced about it, we don’t caring about that.

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