Eve DRAGS Nicki Minaj’s Raunchy Paper Magazine Cover!

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Eve will NOT be fasten a “Minaj à Trois” anytime soon…

As we reported, on Tuesday, Paper repository expelled a cover of a latest emanate where Nicki Minaj most has a trio with herself.

While Nas and Blac Chyna approve of a risque pic, a new cohost of The Talk isn’t as impressed.

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On Wednesday’s part of a CBS speak show, Eve thinks Nicki’s snap is “not good” and not “role model”-material. The 39-year-old dished:

“I worked with Nicki, we got to know her on Barbershop… she’s a good person, she’s an extraordinary rapper, and as a lyricist we honour her… though as a woman, from my indicate of view, personally, we would not be means to do that… we consider in this climate, it’s not good. we consider each artist has a right to demonstrate themselves however they wish to demonstrate themselves and we honour that as well. For me personally, as we started entrance adult in a business, we started realizing that immature girls were looking adult to me and younger people were looking adult to me, and that, not that we wish to be a purpose model, though it becomes what we become, it is what we are.”

Ultimately, a Let Me Blow Your Mind musician believes an artist can demonstrate themselves “without display myself off.”

“As I’ve gotten older… I’d only rather be a voice that’s uplifting… we can be a voice for those girls that competence not have a voice, in a opposite approach but display myself off… For a Nicki fans, we adore her, honour her. Go women in hip hop. It’s not my thing. we only don’t consider it’s right. Personally. Period. That’s it.”

LISTEN to a untrustworthy criticism (below)!

[Image around Apega/WENN.]

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