Europe ‘to check Amazon for Luxembourg behind taxes’

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Amazon is confronting a check for hundreds of millions of euros in behind taxes related to an purported “sweetheart” taxation understanding with Luxembourg.

The European Union’s (EU) foe commissioner Margrethe Vestager is approaching to announce a liberation sequence later, reports a Financial Times.

It follows a three-year review into taxation arrangements between a US online tradesman and Luxembourg.

In a rough statute a elect pronounced a understanding “constituted state aid”.

Such a pierce by a European Commission (EC) would be identical to a 13bn euros (£11.5bn) check it levied opposite US record hulk Apple final year for Irish behind taxes, a Financial Times said.

Europe claimed that Ireland had given Apple, that employs around 4,000 people in a Republic, bootleg state assist by special taxation arrangements. Apple is appealing opposite a ruling.

The taxation understanding between Luxembourg and Amazon was struck in 2003.

At a time, Jean-Claude Juncker, a European Commission’s president, was a primary apportion of Luxembourg.

The European Commission declined to comment. Amazon was taken for comment.

Previously a EC has said that a “preliminary perspective is that a taxation ruling… by Luxembourg in foster of Amazon constitutes state aid.”

However, Amazon pronounced it “has perceived no special taxation diagnosis from Luxembourg”.

“We are theme to a same taxation laws as other companies handling here [in Luxembourg],” it said.

Separately, a European Commission is set to announce skeleton to moment down on VAT rascal that cost a 28-nation confederation 150bn euros in mislaid taxation any year.

It is approaching to set out a vital remodel of EU taxation rules, including changes to cross-border VAT, on Wednesday.