Erykah Badu Bad Mouths Iggy Azalea At Soul Train Awards, Says That Isn’t Rap!


Erykah Badu used her height as horde of a 2015 Soul Train Awards to take a few swipes during Iggy Azalea since Badu thinks what a Australian hostess does is not rap.

The problem is, Badu would have been a lot funnier during a awards uncover digression if she hadn’t been so late to a party. It seems that a lot of people are holding shots during Iggy newly and unequivocally for no good reason.

Azalea put out “The New Classic” in 2014 and now became a domicile name. While Iggy was being overplayed on a radio, many critics talked about a “Fancy” rapper’s tangible abilities.

It’s flattering definite that many Iggy Azalea songs have a unequivocally familiar kick yet when it comes to lyrics and delivery, Azalea could take a few tips from her coach T.I.

After Iggy won her initial endowment during a American Music Awards final year for Best Hip Hop Album, other artists started scratching their heads. In her acceptance debate Iggy said, “It means so many that we can mount here opposite Eminem and Drake and come out with this. It’s amazing.”

Actually it was some-more than amazing, it was shocking. The fact that Azalea kick out Eminem and Drake, dual of a many absolute entertainers in hip-hop, and took home a prize from a American Music Awards was only officious shocking.

The emanate for Erykah Badu is that Iggy doesn’t swat in a normal clarity and flattering many each other rapper has been holding sides as to either they hated a Australian rapper or if they were cold with vouchsafing her do her thing.

Some of a many distinguished critics of Iggy Azalea have been Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, and Wendy Williams. There was so many vigour on T.I. to cut ties with his expert that a Atlanta rapper corroborated off from his former friend.

T.I. stopped being as understanding of Iggy Azalea when a rest of a hip-hop village started to pull Iggy out and tag her a cocktail star instead of a rapper.

And now, literally a whole year later, Erykah Badu landed a gig hosting a Soul Train Awards and motionless to go after Iggy Azalea in her opening monologue.

Sure she got a few laughs yet severely Erykah is able of being so many some-more entertaining. Going after Iggy for not being really good during rapping or for not being a rapper during all was pledge and it is aged news.

Iggy has a new manuscript entrance out subsequent year, though, so maybe she’ll respond to a awards uncover impact in her strain lyrics. What do we think? Was Erykah Badu mark on with her remarks or late to a party?

Image Credit: Instagram