Erin Andrews Flees From Court In Tears During Peeping Tom Trial

This is so disturbing. Erin Andrews had to lay in a Tennessee courtroom Feb. 25 while personally taped bare video of her was shown to a jury. The chagrin of a display caused her to rush a courtroom in tears!

Poor thing! Erin Andrews, 37, already had a annoyance of personally available bare videos of her leaked online by convicted stalker Michael Barrett. Now during her $75 million polite hearing opposite him and others, she’s carrying to relive a calamity all over again with jury members being shown a video of her undressing, and a fear of it caused her to mangle down sobbing! Read on for some-more sum of her courtroom nightmare.

This has to be one of a many worried practice ever! The Fox sports contributor was personally videotaped by a peeping Tom behind in 2008 and now a jury in Nashville is carrying to watch a bare video, all while Erin was present!  She eventually couldn’t take a chagrin and fled the courtroom as a four-and-a-half notation video shot in 2008 during a Nashville Marriott during Vanderbilt University was shown to jurors.

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In intolerable testimony by a mechanism scientist, it was suggested that  nearly 17 million people have noticed a nude videos or stills from it online given 2009 and that it’s still all over a internet today. What a harmful thing for Erin to have to hear! Her father Steve Andrews has already testified that the  experience left the Dancing With a Stars horde “terrified,” “depressed” and a “shell of her former self.”

The difficulty started in 2008 when Michael followed Erin around a nation while she lonesome college football games for EPSN. He would get a hotels to book him a bedrooms subsequent to her, where he would tool peepholes in her doorway and record her when she was undressing or changing clothes. He afterwards put a bare videos online after catastrophic attempts to sell them.

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Michael pleaded guilty to stalking and in 2010 was condemned to two-and-a-half years in prison. He’s named in Erin’s lawsuit alongside West End Partners, who is a authorization owners of a Nashville Marriott, and a Windsor Capital Group that manages a hotel. Erin’s group claims that hotel employees gave Michael her room series and requisitioned him subsequent door, permitting him entrance to his immorality videotaping plan.

HollywoodLifers, do we wish Erin wins a full $75 million in her lawsuit? Or do we consider that’s too high a number?