Erika Christensen Welcomes Second Daughter Polly — Who Came So Quickly Dad Cole Delivered Her!

Erika Christensen only entered turn 2 of Parenthood!

The actress, who turns 36 after this month, and father Cole Maness have welcomed their second child, a daughter named Polly Maness, on Friday, Aug. 10.

“It happened! It happened this morning. And it will go down in family story since baby girl’s own, implausible Dad delivered her all by himself,” Christensen announced on Instagram along with a print of her cradling her baby alongside father Cole.

“My error wholly as we didn’t know she would come so fast and didn’t call a doc until distant too late. He came true over and arrived about one notation after she assimilated us in a world. Haha! My Mom too,” a new mom said.

“You should’ve seen their faces when they walked in to hear her small wail. … So epic. 9:21 a.m. (we think) during 7 lbs. 8 oz. (we think). Doc didn’t have time to squeeze a baby scale in his rush. Meet Ms. Polly. She’s chubby-cheeked and flushed and so beautiful,” Christensen shared.

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Parenthood alum Christensen suggested in May that she and Maness — who are also relatives to daughter Shane, 2 – were awaiting their second child, sharing two photos of herself in an Instagram post.

First, she wore a red jumpsuit, secondly donning a red-hot, floor-length propitious dress. In a second photo, a singer cradles her strike as she stands in front of a shelve of glamorous clothes.

“ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE. #swipe #secrets,” she captioned a post, adding in an concomitant Instagram Story, “(And we didn’t only eat a burrito.)”

Erika Christensen

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In June, Christensen accidentally let it trip that she was awaiting a girl while vocalization to reporters during a Max Mara Celebration for Alexandra Shipp, 2018 Women in Film Max Mara Face of a Future Award Recipient.

After teasing that she knew a baby’s sex though wasn’t going to exhibit it only nonetheless — “It’s fun to have secrets,” she pronounced — Christensen let her ensure down while articulate about her daughter Shane apropos a large sister.

“She seems to grasp [it]. My mom got her a T-shirt that says, ‘Big sister.’ She seems to grasp that there’s a baby in here. She’s giving a baby some kisses. Hopefully a small one will learn a lot from her sister,” a star shared, realizing that she had unintentionally announced she was carrying another girl. “Oh, well, there we go.”