Erika Christensen Accidentally Reveals Gender of Baby

It will be another lady for singer Erika Christensen!

The singer only announced dual brief weeks ago that she was pregnant with her second child. But a Parenthood alum incidentally spilled a beans that she is profound with a baby girl-oops!

While attending a Vanity Fair and Max Mara Celebrate Alexandra Shipp, ‘2018 Women in Film Max Mara Face of a Future’ Award target eventuality on Jun 12th Christensen, 35, suggested to reporters a small some-more information afterwards she had designed to.

Ok, initial of all, I’m a small serve along afterwards we let on. Bumpin for real. And secondly, we have never finished this in my life. My friends use acro-yoga and assured me I’d be totally fine. They were right. Super fun, easier than it looks, and because not make a philharmonic during a beach? #pregnant #AF

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She primarily told reporters she was not formulation to share a sex of her second child. But, once a singer got to chatting about her firstborn daughter Shane, 2, apropos a large sister she spoke one word in sold that suggested her large secret.

“My mom got her a T-shirt that says, ‘Big sister.’ She seems to grasp that there’s a baby in here. She’s giving a baby some kisses. Hopefully, a small one will learn a lot from her sister,” Christensen immediately satisfied what she had said. “Oh, well, there we go.”

Erika who is married to Cole Maness non-stop adult about how vehement her hubby is about baby no.2. “He’s really excited. He’s intensely in adore with a girl,” she said. “He’s really vehement to kind of see what a family enlargement means for us.”

1. Great celebration @vanityfair, @maxmara and @womeninfilmla! 2. Great print booth. we done everybody we talked to do it. 3. This dresss had to have a impulse “in public”. 😉🌺🌺🌺

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Besides being “very nauseous” in her initial trimester a Clover star hasn’t found turn dual any some-more formidable than her first.

“I feel like a physique was equalizing all a hormones and everything, and I’m kind of over that mound and into only some-more of like, I’m a chairman with a swell now. we also haven’t challenged myself particularly. Last time, we did a lot of large brave hikes and things, and we consider we ought to get behind into that. we consider we was a small fitter a final time.”