Equifax removes webpage after malware issue

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The large information crack affects even some-more UK business than initial admitted

Equifax has taken down a patron assistance web page amid concerns over malware related to a site.

The organisation pronounced it took down a couple for credit news assistance “out of an contentment of caution”.

The problem did not concede a systems or impact a brawl portal, a organisation combined in a after update.

Equifax is still disorder from find of a crack that compromised personal information of some-more than 145.5 million Americans and about 8,000 Canadians.

Equifax has also pronounced a record containing names and birthdates of 15.2 million people in a UK were accessed. The organisation is contacting scarcely 700,000 of them, since some-more critical information was compromised.

The new emanate concerned a webpage that asked visitors to download fake Adobe Flash updates, according to Ars Technica.

The problem was initial publicly identified by an eccentric confidence analyst.

Equifax pronounced it had traced a problem to a third-party businessman it used to lane website information and private that vendor’s formula from a site.

“Equifax can endorse that a systems were not compromised and that a reported emanate did not impact a consumer online brawl portal,” a association said.