Enzo Amore Responds To Rumors Of Being Kicked Off Of Tour Bus, NXT Road Trip To Canada, WWE Stock

– As noted, tonight’s new part of “Straight To The Source” on a WWE Network will underline horde Corey Graves interviewing WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. Above is a preview shave with Enzo responding to reports that he was kicked off a debate train by WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns final summer.

“If that’s a case, we wouldn’t have seen me on a subsequent show, correct?” Enzo asked Graves. “I have to get from indicate A to indicate B and they have to yield those accommodations since we work for a Fortune 500 company, so it’s unfit to flog me off a bus. They ain’t foolish and conjunction am I, they’re not going to put themselves in danger by not providing travel to one of their biggest stars. If we can’t get from indicate A to indicate B not on a bus, how am we removing there? How could we flog me off of some place… we can’t flog me out of someplace we don’t wish to be.”

Roman Reigns On How He Deals With Wrestlers Like Enzo Amore Having Heat, What He Told CM Punk

– WWE batch was adult 0.81% today, shutting during $31.30 per share. Today’s high was $31.47 and a low was $30.70.

– Triple H announced currently that a WWE NXT Road Trip debate will conduct to Ontario, Canada for shows in Mississauga, St. Catharine’s, Peterborough and Barrie in late February. Tickets go on sale this Friday. He tweeted a following details: