Entertainment Ki Raat has been a turning point in my life: Balraj

Entertainment Ki Raat BalrajEntertainment Ki Raat Balraj Balraj he has been part of numerous shows, Entertainment Ki Raat has changed things for him.

Whenever comedy is discussed, names like Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh and Krushna Abhishek is brought up. But recently there’s another comedy star Balraj, who has joined the league and is only growing popular every day. While he has been part of numerous shows, Entertainment Ki Raat has changed things for him. Having started off as a writer, he has today made his mark as a performer too. In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Balraj opened up about the rising competition in the comedy genre, “It has become really difficult but that has made things much better. It is now the survival of the fittest and thus only quality work is being presented. And with IPL and other comedy shows arriving, the creatives of the current lot also try their best to push the envelope further and bring out quality content.”

The comedy star further revealed an interesting anecdote from his past. “Not many know but me, Kapil Sharma, Chandan Prabhakar, Sugandha Mishra, Rajiv Thakur and Bharti Singh, we all are from the same university. Kapil was my senior, Sugandha was my classmate and Bharti was my batchmate from another college. So it has been 10 years that all of us have been working together. So along with a sense of togetherness, we also have a very healthy competition between us. Everyone has grown and reached stardom, and I am so happy for all of us. Seeing them do well also makes me pull up my socks. Working in pressure gets the best of me and I enjoy the competition,” added Balraj.

While he has been shining as a writer, his appearance on Entertainment Ki Raat has made him a star and Balraj shared that he enjoys the phase. He quipped, “If it wasn’t for my writing, I wouldn’t have reached this place. I love writing but I definitely enjoy being on camera. Also now, I have managed to get a recognition. The show has been a turning point in my life. Earlier the industry knew me well but now I have a loyal audience, who switch on the television for me. That’s a completely different high for a performer. Also, with acting and writing coming in one package, the money has also improved.”

When we asked him if he now wants to move towards acting, the Comedy Class actor shared, “Of course, I am waiting for Karan Johar’s call (laughs). But honestly, I want to do everything and not restraint myself as an artist. Yes, I can’t dance for my life but I love hosting and performing, so would love to experiment with that. I just want to continue entertaining my audience, and that’s the most important thing.”

Lastly, when asked to name any person, who has stood by him through his journey, Balraj shared, “Firstly, Rajiv Thakur- that man has helped and supported me like a brother. When I came to Mumbai, I had no clue about the industry and he held my hand literally and showed me the way. He is a call away every day and financially, morally and emotionally, Rajiv has been there for me. The second one would be Nitin Desai, who has helped me a lot workwise. He managed to convince the channel to get me on board for Entertainment Ki Raat, which has no other big names in comedy space. He pushes me always to try out different avenues and I would always be thankful to these two men.”

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