Emperor Bigly wants to know because no one is questioning a Clintons anymore

President Bigly is carrying a bad week. Everyone keeps articulate about how his baby-fists unsuccessful to make a “deal” on health care. Bigly’s capitulation ratings are during all-time ancestral low of 36%, that surprises me because… 36% of Americans indeed consider he’s doing okay? RLY?? Meanwhile, a Russia headlines keep removing worse and worse and Bigly is feeling a pressure. So what does a sad, orange Bigly do? He questions since we’re not focused on President Hillary Clinton’s Russian ties! MY GOD, what a dictatorial PR move, Emperor Bigly.

Well debunked, Bigly! Yes, that’s it. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and John Podesta and Barack Obama were all apparently in bed with Vladimir Putin and a Russian oligarchs. That’s since Putin and his people certified a large penetrate on a DNC and combined a new promotion apparatus to change reticent conservatives into voting AGAINST Hillary Clinton. That’s since Vladimir Putin has a sealed protected with compromising photos of Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Rex Tillerson and (just guessing) Devin Nunes. It’s all since a CLINTONS had some kind of understanding with Putin. BRILLIANT.

As for a investigations into Bigly by a House and Senate Intelligence Committees… Devin Nunes is a authority of a House cabinet and Nunes is a rascal of a top order. Nunes ran to a White House final week to announce that Bigly was revelation a law about President Obama wiretapping him and CASE CLOSED! Except everybody else was like, “let’s see a evidence” and Nunes was like “you can’t see a evidence, it’s a SECRET, yet only trust me, Bigly is revelation a truth!” And yesterday, we schooled that Nunes’ “proof” was given to him on White House grounds, expected by someone in a executive bend (Bigly in a feign mustache?). So now Democrats are observant that Nunes needs to step down as authority of a Intelligence committee.

And here’s a fun story… 23 people from 5 opposite states have filed a complaint with a Justice Department about Jeff Sessions, a new AG. The censure creates a box that Sessions needs to be investigated for perjury and there should be a serve review into his Russian ties. Don’t these people know that it was always about a Clintons though?!?

Photos pleasantness of Getty.