Elizabeth Olsen in Roland Mouret during ‘Wind River’ LA premiere: poetic or meh?

Here are some photos from final night’s premiere of Wind River, a film created and destined by Taylor Sheridan (who also wrote Sicario, only FYI). we suspicion Wind River wasn’t entrance out until a fall, yet a recover date is Aug 4th. Weird. It seems like only a kind of film that would be during home with an Oct release, yet maybe a studio didn’t wish it to get mislaid in a Oscar-release shuffle. Generally vocalization though, an Aug recover date is a bad feeling for dirty dramas.

Still, Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner are doing their best to sell this film. Olsen wore this rather good Roland Mouret dress to a premiere – it’s from Mouret’s Fall 2017 collection. Someone tweeted during me that Olsen looks “pregnant” here, yet we don’t unequivocally see it? we positively consider that Olsen “dresses pregnant” a lot of a time (see these photos), yet this garb isn’t a best example. Besides, if she is knocked up, few people will care, since her stream beloved is a enormous “WHO?” While we like a Mouret dress here, her hair is awful and her makeup is too pink/red. we disgust when women wear that pinky-bronze eye makeup since it creates them demeanour sickly.

Renner looks… well, he looks like himself, with a pompadour. Renner reportedly sealed on to this film since he unequivocally wanted to work with Taylor Sheridan and Elizabeth Olsen, and Olsen and Renner reportedly got along unequivocally good during filming. we have to admit, we consider this film looks good. You guys know we like a crime story though. This is like… winter noir. Snow noir.

Photos pleasantness of WENN.