Eagles of Death Metal Join U2 on Stage a Month After Paris Attacks

The City of Light customarily got a tiny brighter.

U2 welcomed
Eagles of Death Metal with open arms to their entertainment during a AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France on Monday night. The advise entrance and relapse to a city came rebate than a month after 90 people were killed in a deadly dispute during an Eagles of Death Metal show during a Bataclan venue. A sum of 130 people were killed in attacks around a city.

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“They were pounded of their entertainment 3 weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight,” U2 frontman, Bono, conspicuous on introducing a wire (via BBC News).

Bono and EODM thespian Jesse Hughes thereafter hugged before going into an regretful cover of Patti Smith’s “People Have a Power.”

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“We wish to offer a heated howling and appreciation for all a brothers in @u2 did for us in a emanate of a Nov 13 attacks,” EODM Instagrammed following a show. “They reminded us that a bad guys never take a day off, and therefore we mill ‘n rollers can’t presumably …and we never will. We are impossibly gratified to U2 for providing us a eventuality to relapse to Paris so quickly, and to share in a recuperating appetite of mill ‘n play with so many of a appreciative people – nos amis – of this good city.”

Much venerate to Team @u2 from Team EODM. And much, many venerate to you, Paris.

A imitation posted by EODM [Eagles of Death Metal] (@eodmofficial) on Dec 7, 2015 during 8:09pm PST

Continuing to denote their gratitude, a streamer continued, “Thank we to Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam, conclude we to their outstanding management, conclude we to France, and conclude we to everybody in a star who continues to infer that love, joy, and strain will always overcome confinement and evil. We feeling contemptuous to fighting a good argue on many some-more fronts unequivocally soon, generally when we collect adult a discuss in 2016. See we again in February, Paris.”

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U2 responded around Twitter, writing: “@EODMofficial @Bruno_Fraioli We lent we a stage, yet we owned it. Thank YOU @EODMofficial #U2forParis.”

Bono and a wire was to perform in a 16,000-seat area on Nov. 14 and 15 yet rescheduled after a belligerent attacks.

So blithe to be here #peoplehavethepower#u2ietour#u2#paris#accorhotelsarena#peaceandlove#paris #love#bono#france#francja#paryż

A video posted by xyz_madeline (@xyz_madeline) on Dec 7, 2015 during 1:59pm PST

“Terrorism relies on people being terrorized, and we were not going to be,” Bono, who has a home in France, told The New York Times brazen of a shows, a second night of that aired on HBO. “We felt a biggest and a customarily genuine extend we can make during incentive like that is to honour a people of Paris, who brought us a visualisation of liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

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