Dubai to launch digital car series plates

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Drivers in Dubai might shortly be regulating digital series plates underneath new plans.

In a hearing starting subsequent month, vehicles will be propitious with intelligent plates with digital screens, GPS and transmitters.

The new plates will be means to surprise puncture services if a motorist has an accident.

Dubai has recently spearheaded a series of new float initiatives as it seeks to turn an general record hub.

What are a advantages of a plates?

According to Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi, a conduct of a Vehicle Licensing Department during Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), a plates will make life easier for drivers in Dubai.

As good as contacting a military and ambulance services if a car is concerned in a collision, a record allows real-time communication with other drivers about trade conditions or any accidents ahead.

The series plates can also change to arrangement an warning if a car or digital image is stolen.

Payment for fines, parking fees or renewing registration plates will be automatically deducted from users’ accounts. Number plates can also be altered regulating a RTA’s app or website.

What is being tested?

According to Sultan Abdullah, a hearing will work out any intensity technological glitches caused by Dubai’s dried climate.

It is not transparent how most a plates will cost, with Sultan Abdullah observant that a final cost of a plan will usually be famous after a hearing ends in November.

However, a record allows a float authorities to lane drivers, lifting intensity issues surrounding remoteness and information security.

What other projects has Dubai launched?

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Dubai began contrast a “drone taxi” final year

Dubai has large skeleton to enhance a use of record in transport, and hopes for self-driving vehicles to comment for a entertain of journeys by 2030.

Last year, the city done headlines over a skeleton to deliver worker taxis to assistance overcome overload issues.

The city is also formulation high-speed Hyperloop pods to open by 2020 that would float passengers to a UAE’s collateral Abu Dhabi in only 12 minutes, a stretch of over 120km (75 miles).