Drew Barrymore Says Her Daughters Won’t Be Able to Get Anything Past Her: ‘I’ve Seen It All’

Teenage girls can be a handful, though Drew Barrymore thinks her colorful past has prepared her for a challenge.

“When my kids, we don’t know, figure out some of a things that I’ve did in my childhood, I’m like, ‘Yeah, and that creates me all a some-more judicious to when you’re pulling crap on me,’ ” Barrymore, 43, pronounced in a preview of her arriving Sunday Today with Willie Geist interview, common exclusively with PEOPLE.

The Santa Clarita Diet actress has dual daughters — Frankie, 4 subsequent month, and Olive, 5 — with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

“I was innate for teenage girls,” she added. “You’re my kismet and don’t worry, we know all you’re adult to.”

Barrymore, whose breakthrough purpose came during age 7 in Steven Spielberg’s E.T., joked, “I’m fundamentally in my 80s and I’ve seen it all, darling. You ain’t pulling a nap over my eyes.”

She continued, “That’s literally how we feel and that’s how we felt when we found out we was carrying dual daughters. we was like, ‘Yup, we’re operative out mom issues and we’re operative out how to live a ideal existence they can entrance from what I’ve seen and finished and learned.”

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The singer went on to contend that her dual daughters have “made me such a calmer, improved person.”

“And I’ll never take a tinge with them of work is bad, my past was bad, life is bad — this is a tour and tour we’re on,” she continued, adding that her one order is “you have to be good and safe.”

Drew Barrymore and daughter Frankie

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The 43-year-old formerly suggested that both her daughters seem to have been bitten with a behaving bug.

“All they wish to do is get onstage,” Barrymore pronounced when she stopped by Today on Tuesday to foster deteriorate 2 of her Netflix dim comedy.

“They’ve got a Barrymore gene!” she admitted, referencing her family’s behaving dynasty. “We went to The Sound of Music, they’re like, ‘I only wish adult on a stage.’ We go to a Amazing Bubble Show, they’re like, ‘I only wish on a stage.’ ”

While Barrymore went on to contend she would support her daughters if they motionless to pursue behaving careers, for now she’s perplexing to “vicariously live” by their “normalcy” during their childhood.

“That’s where they’re gonna, in a healthiest way, rise who they unequivocally know they wanna be,” Barrymore added. “As of today, we would contend Olive is a oldster and Frankie’s a ballerina.”

Barrymore’s full talk front Mar 25 on NBC’s Sunday Today with Willie Geist.