Dramatic Video Shows Deadly Chinese Explosion

Dramatic new YouTube video shows a array of explosions that rocked Tianjin, China and killed dozens.

The video, posted by Daniel Van Duren, was taped from reduction than 1km divided from a twin blasts that rocked a pier city during 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to a outline on a page.

According to Van Duren’s YouTube page, he was on tip of his 33-story unit building when a blasts began.

“It was like examination a chief explosve go off in front of us!!” a post on a page says.

In a video onlookers can be listened exclaiming during a array of blasts, that send waste sharpened out like fireworks.

Van Duren wrote that a blasts ravaged his building along with many others.

“So we had to run down a whole 33 levels and escape,” he wrote.

The explosions, that left during slightest 50 dead, including 12 firefighters, according to a Tianjin government, also harmed some-more than 700.

There were scenes of extinction around Tianjin, including a margin of cars that were burnt out and windows blown out in a area.

Tianjin, China’s fifth largest city, is a nautical gateway to Beijing.