Dozens blank after China landslide

Media captionStephen Evans: “Buildings were left hardly standing”

Hundreds of rescue workers are looking for survivors after a landslide strike 33 buildings in a southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Seven people were pulled from a rubble with teenager injuries though 91 are still missing. About 900 were evacuated as a landslide struck on Sunday.

Authorities pronounced a outrageous synthetic pile of earth and construction rubbish mislaid fortitude and collapsed.

The city is one of China’s biggest and is a vital industrial centre.

It is situated in a southern range of Guangdong, opposite a mainland limit from Hong Kong.

The landslide has blanketed a immeasurable area of 380,000 sq m (455,000 sq yards) covering it with adult to 10m (32ft) of sand during an industrial park, Shenzhen’s puncture government bureau pronounced on a central microblog.

State news group Xinhua pronounced that a landslide caused an blast during a healthy gas pipeline. Workers have spotless adult about 400m of shop-worn tube and are now repair it.

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The landslide has lonesome a immeasurable area of 380,000 sq m (455,000 sq yards)

China’s land and resources method pronounced in a matter on a website that initial investigations showed a landslide happened when a outrageous pile of soil, concrete chunks and other construction rubbish became unstable.

“Because a pile was really large, and a angle of a slope was overly steep, this led to it losing fortitude and collapsing,” it said.

People’s Daily pronounced a pile had amassed during a mill chase that had been converted into a transfer area with a opening and exit confronting an industrial district.

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Hundreds of workers continue to hunt a site on Monday

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About 900 residents in a area have been evacuated to temporary shelters

Residents evacuated from a surrounding area described conference shrill roars when a landslide happened.

Amateur footage of a occurrence promote on state radio showed waves of red dirt fast engulfing and abrasive buildings.

A video taken by an eyewitness and posted online by Beijing Daily journal shows plumes of dirt sharpened adult in a atmosphere as a pile of earth collapses.

Juliana Liu, BBC News, Hong Kong

Until 30 years ago, Shenzhen was zero though a still fishing encampment opposite a limit from Hong Kong. But Chinese personality Deng Xiaoping had a vision.

And he led a mutation into a country’s first, and still many successful, special mercantile section – full of self-made entrepreneurs.

Shenzhen is a boomtown, with a city centre surrounded by miles and miles of sprawling industrial parks.

For a past 3 decades, millions of migrant workers from around China, including many of my relatives, have flocked there to pursue jobs and opportunities taken during home.

But after a array of industrial accidents this year, including in Tianjin, questions are being lifted about fast automation and reserve standards. Local residents have told Chinese media that a disaster could be a outcome of an bootleg landfill full of earth and construction materials.

The occurrence took place around 11:40 (03:40 GMT) on Sunday morning in Guangming New District on a hinterland of Shenzhen city.

Emergency officials pronounced 33 buildings have possibly been buried or shop-worn to varying degrees.

Media captionThe BBC’s Michael Bristow reports as footage shows buildings collapsing

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Firefighters use torches to hunt for survivors among a rubble

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The buildings were possibly buried or shop-worn to varying degrees

They embody 3 workers’ dormitories, several factories and offices, a canteen, and other buildings.

State media quoted officials as observant 59 group and 32 women were blank and that “signs of life” had been rescued during 3 apart locations. Hundreds of rescue workers, military and special army are during a stage assisting with a operation.

President Xi Jinping has systematic internal authorities to put all efforts into a rescue.

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The hunt for survivors continued via a night

The occurrence comes after outrageous explosions during a chemical room in a pier city of Tianjin in Aug that killed scarcely 200 people vital in circuitously residential complexes.

That high-profile tragedy lifted questions on industrial reserve and city zoning laws, and Chinese authorities had vowed to urge standards.

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