Down’s syndrome teen addresses a UN in Geneva

A teen with Down’s syndrome has addressed a United Nations in Geneva to call for some-more equality.

Kathleen Humberstone spoke out opposite taste during a eventuality imprinting World Down’s syndrome day.

The 17-year-old trafficked from her home in Surrey to Switzerland with her silent Denise and father Andy to give a speak in front of hundreds of people.

She began by saying: “I can’t trust I’m here, during a UN, in Geneva! Do we know why?

“Because we have 47 chromosomes. That’s usually crazy!

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“Thank we Down’s syndrome!”

It’s as a new exam is introduced that allows women to find out some-more accurately if they’re awaiting a Down’s baby.

Kathleen imprinting World Down Syndrome Day

The thesis of a 2017 debate is #MyVoiceMyCommunity – aiming to capacitate people with a incapacity to be treated equally in all aspects of life.

In Kathleen’s debate she said: “After college, we am formulation to live independently.

“Just like everybody else.”

Mum Denise told Newsbeat about how unapproachable she was to see her daughter get adult in a room full of critical UN process makers, though it’s frightful some people still select to cancel since they are carrying a Down’s baby.

She said: “I feel rather churned emotions right now; on a one palm I’m impossibly unapproachable of Kathleen’s achievement.

“But on a other palm we feel like we have to uncover off her each feat usually to uncover and remind multitude that her life is value living.”

Denise and Kathleen enjoying a event

Kathleen spoke about contrast in her debate too, saying: “I adore everybody. we can’t assistance it!

“I wish everybody loves me. we have Down syndrome.

“Is that so wrong?

“So, since all this testing? Why? we adore my life!”

Kathleen Humberstone

“My relatives didn’t know we have Down’s syndrome, they don’t caring about Down’s syndrome.

“They adore me.

“I have a younger brother, Andy, he is 13, and a younger sister, Jessica, she is 15.

“They don’t caring we have Down’s syndrome.

“They adore me.”

Kathleen posing for Radical Beauty Project

Before Geneva, Kathleen acted for Radical Beauty Project who plea opinions in a conform attention by regulating usually models with Down’s syndrome.

“My dream is to be a conform model, and maybe, one day, we can do a catwalk in Paris, London, New York, Geneva, anywhere.”

From 2018, a new exam will be offering to all profound women who have been found by initial screening to have during slightest a 1 in 150 odds of carrying a Down’s baby.

Denise continued: “Whatever happened to umbrella love? When did multitude confirm we should wish and adore a child usually if it is as ideal as medical investigate allows?”

Kathleen wants to be a conform model

Lots of people have been pity their support for World Down’s syndrome day.

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