Donald Trump Will Take E-Bids From Construction Companies To Figure Out How To Build His Border Wall

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Let a golden screen commence!

After roughly a year of (figuratively) building it up, Donald Trump is (literally) prepared to build his foolish fucking wall.

During his debate during CPAC on Friday, a boss betrothed construction was “way forward of schedule” — he only needs someone to pattern it, build it, and find a approach to trip a check underneath it so Mexico will pay.

The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection only posted presentation that it will be usurpation choosing bids for a multi-billion dollar plan on Mar 6.

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According to a docs performed by TMZ, initial step of a two-stage routine will be submitting a pattern for a wall (we’re envisioning a grand Atlantic City casino neon), and a second will be a full proposal.

Wait, so Trump has NOTHING drawn out yet? Have no pattern skeleton been done in a year given he done this dumbass debate promise?

The dialect estimates a sum cost will be $21.6 billion, and contend they will be handing out contracts by mid-April.

How did we get here, again?

[Image around C-SPAN.]

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