Donald Trump: ‘The whole thing has been a magician hunt, there’s no collusion’

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There’s an violent flurry of activity each morning, when first-read articles come out and Emperor Baby Fists starts tweeting. Every singular day now. And it happens during mixed times of a day too. The second flurry happens in a afternoon, customarily around a press briefing, that fundamentally contains a million lies. Then a third flurry happens in a early evening, as newspapers go online with their new stories. The domestic newscycle has been crazy for months, obviously, though in a past dual weeks, it’s gotten next-level. So here are some things that have happened only in a past 24-36 hours.

Bigly Tweets. He tweeted yesterday morning: “With all of a bootleg acts that took place in a Clinton debate Obama Administration, there was never a special warn appointed!” And: “This is a singular biggest magician hunt of a politician in American history!” He’s so profoundly stupid.

Bigly Speaks. He was in a luncheon with news anchors yesterday and he was apparently griping a whole time about how feeble he is being treated. He said, about a special counsel, “I trust it hurts a nation terribly, since it shows we’re a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country…It also happens to be a pristine forgive for a Democrats carrying mislaid an choosing that they should have simply won since of a Electoral College being angled so most in their way. That’s all this is. we consider it shows division, and it shows that we’re not together as a country. And we consider it’s a very, really disastrous thing.” He still believes that we’re only “punishing” him for losing a renouned vote.

Bigly Denies. He flatly denies that he ever asked Comey to behind off a Flynn investigation. He also insists that he was shabby by Rod Rosenstein’s letter. Except Rosenstein only told senators yesterday that he wrote that Comey minute meaningful a White House was already set to glow Comey.

Bigly Obfuscates. Trump on either appointing a special warn was a right more: “Well, we honour a move, though a whole thing has been a magician hunt … trust me, there’s no collusion between myself and my campaign. Russia is fine.

Bigly His BFF. Trump apparently felt a clever tie to Mike Flynn, and has even remained in contact with Flynn in a months following Flynn’s resignation. Trump has been job Flynn and revelation him to stay strong. And here’s a kicker: Trump hopes that when a review into Flynn is over, Flynn can react a administration.

The Comey Memos. The NYT has another fascinating story about James Comey, his memos and his months-long annoy in traffic with Trump. Comey wrote memos about each confront he had with Trump, including a times when Trump asked him for faithfulness and a time Trump asked him when he (Comey) was going to start revelation a press that he (Trump) was not being investigated. Comey was so heedful of spending any time – socially or differently – with a boss that when he was invited to a WH, he privately wore a dim blue fit and attempted to mix in with a curtains.

Bigly’s Joementum. Joe Lieberman is apparently Trump’s tip choice to reinstate James Comey as FBI Director. we can’t.

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