Donald Trump: The ‘alt-left’ came charging during a ‘very fine’ neo-Nazis, okay?

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What’s funny/terrible is that when we make a unwavering choice to unplug for a few hours, all ruin breaks loose. It’s inevitable. we incited all on and we was like “why is George Washington trending on Twitter?” It was since Donald Trump compared Robert E. Lee to Washington. It was since Donald Trump, a emperor-general of a Federated Russian State of Trumplandia, motionless to give an unhinged press discussion where he: 1) pronounced a “alt-left” was equally to censure for a Charlottesville apprehension attacks, 2) shielded white supremacists and neo-Nazis as “very excellent people,” 3) claimed a alt-left “came charging” during a trusting and excellent neo-Nazis, and 4) pronounced a words “you had a organisation on one side that was bad, and we had a organisation on a other side that was also unequivocally violent,” a judgment I’m still perplexing to translate. Here’s a video:

You can review a full content of Trump’s press discussion here. we was going to do some excerpts from it though we couldn’t even get median by JUST THE TEXT since a male is so clearly mentally ill and non-professional for office. Apparently, Trump wasn’t even ostensible to take questions – he was only ostensible to announce some infrastructure thing and travel divided but holding questions. He literally did a press discussion on a fly, and these were his tangible thoughts, his “hot takes” on racism, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, a Confederacy and all of it. This is what he indeed thinks. Assorted tweets:

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