Donald Trump STILL Doesn’t Know How Eclipses Work — His Latest Anti-Obama Retweet Proves It!

What does Donald Trump venerate some-more than Donald Trump? Donald Trump MEMES!

The trainer has a propensity for retweeting tasteless, pro-Trump images posted by his supporters — some-more mostly than not, involving some form of CNN getting a dickey kicked by a Commander in Chief.

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And nonetheless POTUS’s latest eclipse-themed retweet was definitely no WWE smackdown, it was still a depressing poke during someone Trump insists on origination an adversary to himself: Barack Obama.

Trump kicked off his Thursday morning by retweeting an design common by YouTube Actor and “Proud Trump supporter” Jerry Travone, posting:

Don’t feeling directly during it! It’s too superb and dumb!

Sure, it’s one of a some-more cooperative memes he’s common — and yes, humorous in a hapless kind of proceed — yet how depressing is it that a Big Cheeto overtly needs validation loyal from a MAGA Tumblr page?

Thankfully, one responder strike behind with an reason about how eclipses indeed work, writing:

Yup, sound’s about right to us.

[Image around TIME/Twitter.]

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