Donald Trump Spent Thousands Of YOUR Taxpayer Dollars Tracking Media Stories The Day After He Was Sued By Stormy Daniels!

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Nothing utterly like those ostensible mercantile conservatives and their favorite motto: do as we say, not as we do!

Donald Trump apparently spent some-more than $27,000 in taxpayer income to lane and guard media reports and news stories literally a day after a President was sued by porn star Stormy Daniels!

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According to Federal Procurement papers initial performed on Saturday by TMZ, a remuneration of some $27,075 was certified behind on Mar 7th by a Executive Office of a President underneath a output streamer “SUPPORT – MANAGEMENT: PUBLIC RELATIONS.”

It was a remuneration sent to a association called TVEyes, that marks stories on TV, radio, and in imitation regulating keywords to establish story topics and themes.

The papers don’t contend accurately what story was being tracked, though it’s by distant a largest media tracking output this President has ever made, and deliberation it came directly from him ON THE DAY AFTER he was sued by Stormy Daniels… come on, man.

Nothing utterly like regulating taxpayer income to secretly lane media stories about we that we might or might not like.

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Seems pretty… dictatorial, no?!?!

Par for a march with The Donald…

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