Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton Insult: "Schlonged" Is Not a Vulgar Term

Donald Trump is not contemptible for observant Monday night that Democratic presidential claimant Hillary Clinton was “schlonged” by Barack Obama for a party’s assignment in 2008. 

The GOP presidential carefree was bloody for regulating a tenure while vocalization during a convene in Grand Rapids, Mich. Critics are observant a tenure is a coarse word for masculine anatomy. 

The billionaire businessman disagrees. 

Tuesday evening, Trump posted messages to amicable media fortifying a word, observant that it means to be “beaten badly,” zero more. And that is what he pragmatic when he pronounced it during a rally. 

Trump has been hammering divided during Clinton for a past few days after a former Secretary of State pronounced Trump’s due anathema on Muslims entering a United States in arise of terrorists attacks was a “discriminatory message.”

Clinton done her remarks during a Democratic presidential primary discuss Saturday night. 

What unequivocally drew Trump’s madness was Clinton observant ISIS is regulating videos of Trump and his new comments in an bid to partisan radical jihadists.

Trump has given demanded an reparation for that avowal from Clinton.