Donald Trump Not Wiretapped By Obama, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Tells Stephen Colbert

“On Saturday morning, during 6:35 in a morning a boss tweeted that Barack Obama wiretapped him in Trump Tower. Is that possible?” CBS Late Show horde Stephen Colbert asked Michael Hayden, a late United States Air Force four-star ubiquitous who is former Director of a National Security Agency, and former Director of a Central Intelligence Agency.

“No,” Hayden answered bluntly.

“How is that not possible?” Colbert asked, observant a United States supervision has a energy to wiretap, and there are all these Russian rumors about a Trump campaign.

“Why wouldn’t a boss do this?” Colbert wondered.

“Because in a 1970’s we took a management to approach that movement out of a hands of a president, and we put it in a hands of a sovereign justice system,” Hayden said.

Only a sovereign decider can extend that authority, Hayden said.

And yet, Trump pronounced he’s found out it happened, and that Obama is a bad or a ill guy. And he’s called for an investigation, Colbert said, adding, “Can a boss only find out for himself that this happened?”

“That’s what we wondered, what happened?” Hayden agreed. “On Saturday morning, he seemed to have lost that he was a President of a United States,” Hayden began, though was interrupted by furious applause.

“Every morning we wish that it’s only some terrible dream,” Colbert confided.

Trump could simply have hit former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, and FBI executive Jim Comey, had them over for lunch, and asked if Obama had tapped Trump Tower.

“He did not select to do that. He motionless to go forward and twitter out a accusation, as if it were fact,” Hayden panned.

“Should, in your opinion, a boss be tweeting  this?” Colbert asked, in box anyone had not already figured that out.

“No,” Hayden answered.

“If it were true, that a prior president, Obama,  had used, by some bureaucratic mechanism, a plumber patrol even, something only criminal  –

“Which is because we took a energy divided from a boss in a 1970’s,” Hayden interrupted.

“…because Nixon did this,” Colbert finished a sentence.