Donald Trump Is Terrified Of The Media — Sad!

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The media is NOT a rivalry of a American people — though reporters are a ruin of a lot worse than Donald Trump!

The President only tweeted out an critical summary about a White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and oh look, theory what — a large tough talker can’t take a heat!

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Here’s what The Donald twitter about a half hour ago (below):


Come on, Donald!

You speak MAD shit about a media, and afterwards on a one night where they get to pull behind tongue-in-cheek during a notoriously humorous ceremony, we all of a sudden will not be attending??

This will make him a initial President NOT to attend a cooking in more than 30 years, by a way.

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No consternation The Donald has caved so severely to Vladimir Putin… a personality of a giveaway universe is shocked by something as elementary as a giveaway press, let alone a dictator! The bad President is frightened of a news! He needs his choice contribution to feel good!

Weak! Sad! Scared!

Low appetite President!

And a White House Correspondents Association only forsaken some beautiful, pleasing shade on The Donald, too!!!

WHCA President Jeff Mason pronounced in a statement:

“The WHCA takes note of President Donald Trump’s proclamation on Twitter that he does not devise to attend a dinner, that has been and will continue to be a jubilee of a First Amendment and a critical purpose played by an eccentric news media in a healthy republic. We demeanour brazen to resplendent a spotlight during a cooking on some of a best domestic broadcasting of a past year and noticing a earnest students who paint a subsequent era of a profession.”

Love it!!!

Nothing like shading The Donald and celebrating a First Amendment and a leisure of a press in one fell swoop!!

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