Donald Trump is still tweet-bragging about how he ‘won’ a election

I lonesome the Sadiq Khan business in a apart post, in box we missed it. Donald Trump has been in singular form this week with a tweeting and pronouncements, so there’s a ton of news. Part of me thinks that Trump is disturbed about James Comey’s testimony on Thursday, so he’s perplexing to change a theme forward of time. Part of me thinks that Trump can’t even consider that distant forward and he’s honestly carrying some kind of relapse on Twitter. So, in box we haven’t been following me on Twitter, Trump has been tweeting a lot of sh-t this morning and we should plead it.

This is false. Journalists provide Trump’s tweets a approach they should be treated, as unhinged statements from an unhinged president. Trump’s tweets will be partial of his undoing, and partial of a undoing of his policies. His tweets have already been cited in sovereign probity to boot a Muslim Ban. And a Department of Justice is already regulating his tweets as justification of rapist swindling and deterrent of justice. It’s Trump’s possess people who wish him to stop tweeting, since they know that he’s deleterious his possess case.

He thinks he’s touting his possess accomplishments. He’s not. He’s a sparse autocrat who cozied adult to Saudi Arabia since they gave him a glossy necklace and let him hold a orb.

He’s still articulate about how he “won” a election. Meanwhile, a DOJ just arrested a woman named Reality Winner (seriously) who leaked personal element to The Intercept. That information was about how Russian comprehension hacked into America’s voting machines only days before a election, and that a penetrate was some-more critical and some-more widespread than formerly imagined. Reality Winner was arrested for leaking (true) information about how Russia actively hacked voting machines to safeguard Trump’s victory. And he’s still bragging about how he “won.”

Meanwhile, we should all be endangered about this unfortunate story from a New York Times. Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday morning – mostly about a Muslim Ban – was seen by some as an conflict on a Department of Justice, and Trump’s possess extremist elf, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Apparently, Trump and Sessions aren’t removing along these days since Trump approaching Sessions to only totally close down a DOJ/FBI review into a Russian connections.

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