Donald Trump is still retweeting aroused imagery aggressive CNN, only FYI

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Every day, we watch MSNBC, and each day, someone is doing explanation about how this is a day that a waves finally turns on Donald Trump. Inevitably, that explanation is function since each singular day, Trump does something gross, disgusting, unpresidential, treasonous, unhinged and/or illegal. His capitulation ratings are in a toilet. His defamation of white supremacists looked like a warrant video. There’s an ongoing movement for Trump to glow Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka. But in this shambolic situation, Donald Trump knows who is to blame: CNN. He tweeted this picture this morning:

This is not a initial time that Trump has tweeted aroused imagery towards a wire news network (specifically CNN). He did something identical in a arise of a congressional ball sharpened too, where he retweeted a video/GIF where he was “bodyslamming” a CNN logo.

Trump also retweeted this, a story about how he will expected atonement that extremist douchebag Joe Arpaio.

And afterwards he incidentally retweeted someone job him a fascist:

Just another day in Bigly’s America.

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