Donald Trump Is Milking The Fuck Out Of Hurricane Harvey!

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Donald Trump is creation a many out of Hurricane Harvey!

The boss flew down to Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday to pronounce to communities influenced by a rare flooding due to this weekend’s healthy disaster.

And since there’s zero some-more harmful than his ego, POTUS treated a disaster site like a re-election rally!

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Not usually did he try to siphon adult a throng of Texans, saying, “Thank we everybody, what a crowd, what a spin out!” – he did so wearing a hurricane-casual “USA” hat!

Sure, it looks nationalistic during initial glance… until we comprehend that a shawl he’s been modeling wearing in press ops, briefings, and speeches is also sole on his campaign website for a healthy $40.

Yup, 45 is literally regulating Harvey coverage as product chain for his re-election. Sounds about right!

[Image around Donald J. Trump/Twitter.]

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