Donald Trump is ‘considering maybe terminating a special counsel’

I pronounced yesterday that it was some-more than possible that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Independent Counsel Robert Mueller could all be dismissed really soon. we still trust that. Emperor Baby Fists’ friends/associates/surrogates have been observant for days now that Trump is now deliberation banishment Mueller in particular. Yesterday, Christopher Ruddy (the CEO of Newsmax Media) went on PBS and pronounced that Trump is “considering maybe terminating a special counsel. we consider he’s weighing that option.” CNN’s Jim Acosta says that his sources tell him that Trump is being suggested by “many” in a White House to NOT glow Mueller. But as we’ve seen before, Trump loves to be contrarian. Here is some other things going down in The Land of Bigly.

The Cabinet meeting. What happens when a egomaniac goofy is POTUS? He creates Cabinet meetings all about how good he is, like his cupboard is his fawning house of directors. Usually, a media pool is invited in to take some photos and get a few soundbites from a boss and maybe one or dual of a dialect heads. But yesterday, Trump done a media pool wait inside a room and go around a list as each cupboard member praised Trump and his bigly agenda and his magnificence. This is a kind of thing that happens in banana republics and dictatorships. This is a kind of thing that would occur in North Korea. You can see a full video here.

Another hulk destroy for Bigly’s Muslim Ban. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals knocked down a Muslim Ban nonetheless again, and nonetheless again, a sovereign judges used Trump’s unhinged tweets in their ruling. This isn’t going to stop until it gets to a Supreme Court, we know.

The Secret Service says there are no tapes. After Trump tweet-insinuated that there could be tapes of his conversations with James Comey, he has indeed refused to answer a “are there tapes?” question. Sean Spicer has refused, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused, and a whole “no comprende” line helped stoke a swindling that Trump has been taping his White House conversations. Well, a Secret Service put an finish to a “Are There Tapes?” existence show. There are no tapes, according to a Secret Service.

Donald Trump tweeted about Pulse. Yesterday was a one-year anniversary of a Pulse nightclub massacre. Last year during this time, Trump was on Twitter, congratulating himself for being “right” about terrorism. A year later, a orange beast is boss and he tweeted a “never forget” message. People dragged him. HARD. It was good deserved. People gathered a garland of responses here.

Keep your eye on healthcare. While everybody was wrapped adult with James Comey, Jeff Sessions, treason, deterrent of probity and more, a Senate has sensitively been operative to lift together all of a pieces to discharge Obamacare. The House’s check was mostly believed to be DOA during a Senate, though a Senate has worked by their possess check and theory what? They’re not releasing it. To media, to a public, to anybody. They’re literally about to chuck millions of Americans off of affordable medical in finish silence, with no open discussion.

Photos pleasantness of Getty.