Donald Trump Hasn’t Responded To Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Disses Yet — But Jr. Has!

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Jimmy Kimmel done a LOT of jokes at a President’s responsibility during a Oscars. He even tweeted right to him!

But notwithstanding Donald Trump‘s past inclination for aggressive a Academy Awards, he’s been surprisingly wordless about it all.

However, there is a Trump peaceful to take a bait.

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Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter Monday morning to go after a Oscars not for their snipes though for their snafus.

He wrote:

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We find it engaging that Jr. cited a “failing NY Times” essay for his jab.

The mistake he’s referring to is the one we substantially didn’t notice — in that a print of vital writer Jan Chapman was mistakenly used in place of defunct dress engineer Janet Patterson.

Yep, he attempted to make it demeanour like it wasn’t about a feud. But that was DEFINITELY about a feud.

Isn’t it uncanny how most a family of existence uncover stars with golden toilets hates a “Hollywood elite”?

[Image around ABC.]

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