Donald Trump finally tweets about James Comey’s ‘false statements & lies’

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Comey Day finished adult being a really peculiar day. People had extravagantly opposite expectations depending on where they tumble on a domestic spectrum. Personally, we didn’t design James Comey to travel into a Capitol wearing a fit done of receipts. And nonetheless we did design to see Donald Trump in full-on meltdown pretension mode during some indicate during a day. It didn’t happen. Trump’s baby-carrot-sized Twitter fingers stayed wordless all day. His son, Don Jr., did a lot of tantrum-tweeting, and Trump’s counsel came out and done a foolish argument, of course. But no tweets… until this morning:

Again, Comey is not a “leaker” in a clarity that Trump means. Comey was transparent about because he certified one leak, that came after Trump tweeted about those “tapes.” As for a “false statements and lies,” lawmakers tell Politico that Emperor Bigly is giveaway to come to Capitol Hill and attest underneath promise about his possess correlation of his meetings with James Comey.

As for because Trump stayed so still yesterday, the Washington Post reports that Trump was finally assured by staff and family members to let other people do a complicated lifting on “discrediting” Comey. Trump’s comparison aides assured Bigly to “stay cold and distortion low” and let his counsel hoop everything. Here’s a humorous judgment from WaPo: “Trump watched some of Comey’s testimony in a morning with authorised and domestic advisers in a tiny dining room off a Oval Office given with a 60-inch television, though his aides also scheduled counterprogramming in a form of meetings and ­public events.” As in, Bigly’s aides still have to classify busy-work for a toddler boss so he doesn’t rage-tweet during everybody and everything.

Oh, and we guys listened Speaker Paul Ryan’s invulnerability of Trump, right? Eddie Munster said: “He’s new to government. And so he substantially wasn’t steeped in a long-running protocols that settle a relations between DOJ, FBI, and White Houses. He’s only new to this.” Think about that. Think about that matter as a invulnerability good and hard. Think about what Republicans would have pronounced if that forgive had ever been used for any Democrat.

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UK Premiere of 'The Light Between Oceans' in London

UK Premiere of 'The Light Between Oceans' in London