Donald Glover Calls Out Marvel For ‘Racism’ & Makes #WhoBitBeyoncé References In The Meta Script For His Defunct Deadpool Series!

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Donald Glover had lots to contemplate after it was announced over a weekend that he would no longer be concerned with a charcterised Deadpool array for FX.

Like all artistic geniuses, he took out his frustrations with art. And by “art,” we meant an unusually meta book for a now gone plan in that Deadpool literally wonders since his charcterised array got scrapped.

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The Atlanta star and his hermit Stephen Glover were going write, executive produce, and be showrunners on a charcterised array about a raunchy anti-hero, though were let go by Marvel Television “due to artistic differences.”

But in Glover’s 15-page book — that he took to Twitter to share on Tuesday — Deadpool wonders if “racism” had anything to do with a array removing scrapped. The anti-hero asks a world’s final masculine northern white rhino, Sudan, in a script:

“Do we consider they canceled a uncover since of racism?! Yeah, all a writers were black. The references were flattering black, too. we listened they went over lunch bill grouping Jamaican food during slightest once a week.”

The part finds Deadpool in Africa perplexing to strengthen Sudan, who died a few days ago IRL — though that’s not a usually stream eventuality Glover congested into a script.

Read it for yourself (below) to see references to bitcoin, extremist TV execs, and even some waggish lines about #WhoBitBeyonce.

[Image around Marvel/20th Century Fox/WENN.]

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