Do a New Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s Taste as Good as They Sound? Let’s Discuss

We fundamentally had a meltdown when we schooled Vanilla Cupcake MM’s were a latest limited-edition season accessible during Target, so we had high expectations when we got a hands on a purple bag. Would they unequivocally ambience like a cupcake? And would they be even improved than a final stellar flavor, White Cheesecake MM’s? Read forward to see some firsthand reviews from MM’s enthusiasts in a POPSUGAR office.

  • “They ambience like Baskin Robbins frosting!”
  • “Too honeyed — yuck.”
  • “They unequivocally do have a vanilla flavor.”
  • “VERY sweet. A small powerful though good for a frosting craving.”

Overall, we have to contend we cite a White Cheesecake flavor, as a cupcake cooking is a small synthetic (but hey, a package warned us of that, didn’t it?). While we competence not wish to break on a whole bag of these on their own, we have a feeling they would go ideally as a pastel commanding to an tangible vanilla frosted cupcake.