Disney’s Beauty & The Beast BANNED At Theater Over Gay Character!

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We were so vehement to hear that Disney was finally going to have their first reliable happy character in a Beauty and a Beast remake.

Not usually has Le Fou always seemed a small conduct over heels for Gaston, though it’s also ABOUT DAMN TIME we got some representation! We ARE some of Disney’s biggest fans after all!

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But not everybody is happy for a news.

The Henagar Drive-In Theater in Henagar, Alabama has strictly motionless to DROP a film from a arriving report formed on a news. In a Facebook post, a owners of a “family-friendly” museum explained:

“It is with good grief that we have to tell a business that we will not be display Beauty and a Beast during a Henagar Drive-In when it comes out. When companies ceaselessly force their views on us we need to take a stand. We all make choices and we am creation mine. If we can not take a 11 year aged grand daughter and 8 year aged grandson to see a film we have no business examination it. If we can’t lay by a film with God or Jesus sitting by me afterwards we have no business display it.”

You guys remember in a Bible all those passages about that films were OK to watch, right?

​In box we were curious, this week’s double underline is The Eagle Huntress and A Dog’s Purpose. So Jesus is apparently means to compartmentalize all a controversy about animal mistreatment.

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The matter continues:

“I know there will be some that do not determine with this decision. That’s fine. We are initial and inaugural Christians. We will not concede on what a Bible teaches. We will continue to uncover family oriented films so we can feel giveaway to come watch rational cinema but worrying about sex, nudity, homosexuality and tainted language.”

Right. “Wholesome.” Because revelation your children to reject those who are innate opposite is a family value we only can’t let go of.

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Let’s only contend this for all those out there that don’t get it. They aren’t dissapoint about homosexual calm definition depictions of happy sex. They’re dissapoint about a EXISTENCE OF GAY CHARACTERS.

Well, we know what? Our existence is not adult for your discuss or your judgment. This horrible jive is about as superannuated as your drive-in theater.

Have fun with your Buddhist dog movie.

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