Disney Fans Will Freak Out Over This New Beauty and a Beast Tea

It seems that images of a new live-action Beauty and a Beast film are everywhere, and we couldn’t be some-more excited. And now we can obsess over a favorite childhood film while enjoying a favorite comfort: tea.

English tea association Twinings has debuted special-edition Beauty and a Beast wrapping on some of a herbal tea blends, and it’s certain to move a grin to any Disney-lover’s face.

The Lemon and Ginger tea facilities Emma Watson as Belle in her blue dress, while Belle in her iconic yellow dress adorns a wrapping of a Camomile, Honey, and Vanilla flavor. The Pure Peppermint tea facilities a famous stage of Belle and a Beast dancing. Lastly, a Orange and Cinnamon Spice Tea facilities a favorite teapot, Mrs. Potts. Luckily for us, a teas will be accessible in a US in heading grocery stores and specialty stores until Dec of this year.

We can’t wait to get a hands on these darling boxes and get even some-more vehement to see Emma Watson play a favorite Disney princess. Keep reading to get a closer demeanour during any tea in a collection.