Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani neck-to-neck on Monday

Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani neck-to-neck on Monday


It seems a initial Monday has valid to be a good leveller for Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale, as they finished their fourth day in theatres. After plain weekend performances, with Dilwale carrying a transparent edge, a Monday collections for both films have been comparatively on par.


Earning Rs 65.09 crore in a initial weekend, Dilwale’s Monday gain plummeted by a expected guess of 55 per cent, ensuing in gain of Rs 9.70 crore. But a film’s general recognition has translated into complicated gain as a film has raked in Rs 56.38 crore so far. With a domestic sum of Rs 74.79 crore and abroad gain of Rs 131.17 crore, Dilwale looks in good stead and contingency say a opening but onslaught to nick large numbers during a box-office.


Bajirao Mastani, whose collections took solid and clever leaps on both Saturday and Sunday, ensuing in a weekend sum of Rs 46.77 crore, hold good on Monday too, with Rs 10.25 crore in earnings, a small 20 per cent dump from Friday. The film has also achieved morally in a general markets, earning Rs 30 crore so far. The sum domestic collection stands during Rs 57.02 crore and a abroad sum during Rs 87.02 crore. While collections are confronting tough foe internationally, a domestic run looks well-spoken sailing so far.