Dierks Bentley Says a ‘Greatest Character Builders’ in His Marriage Are His Kids

Dierks Bentley says he’d be “incomplete as a man” but his 3 children.

The country singer, 42, spoke to PEOPLE backstage during WE Day California about a purpose his kids — son Knox and daughters Jordan Catherine and Evalyn Day — play in his matrimony to mother Cassidy Black and even in his career.

“No good cop, bad cop,” he says. “It’s all in it together. we consider that a biggest impression builder in a matrimony is kids.”

His 3 children and mother all take partial in Bentley’s singing journey, and a star says they were all a “big part” of a origination of his newest album, The Mountain, that was expelled in June. In fact, his mother indeed came adult with a name for a 13-track project.

“We were in Wyoming, and she’s like, ‘The name of your manuscript is going to be The Mountain,’” he tells PEOPLE. “So yeah, they’re unequivocally concerned in a whole process.”

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Now, Black and a kids are fasten him on tour, including his initial Seven Peaks song festival, that is set for a finish of August.

“They adore traveling, touring. Whenever it’s possible, we only drag them out there,” a “Burning Man” thespian says. “I feel like that’s my categorical pursuit unequivocally is being a dad.”

Bentley achieved a lead singular off his album, “Woman, Amen,” during WE Day California, an eventuality taped in Apr that celebrates unusual students, families and teachers. The eventuality is set to atmosphere on ABC on Aug. 17 during 8 p.m. EST and facilities artists Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman.

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