Devang Pathak learns how to retard people on Twitter, pleasantness Raveena Tandon

raveena tandon, devang pathak, raveena tandon blocked, raveena tandon comedianraveena tandon, devang pathak, raveena tandon blocked, raveena tandon comedian Here’s a full dip on Raveena Tandon and Devang Pathak’s exhilarated comversation.

It all started with a rather barbarous design of a bare child that Rishi Kapoor posted and Devang Pathak, a Founder of Was That Funny had something to contend about it. He wrote, “Rishi Kapoor is an idiot. Are there any apps that retard all of Bollywood? Really sleepy of them entrance on TL.”

And shortly enough, another Bollywood actor came underneath his inspection and this time it was Shab actor Raveena Tandon, who posted a design from her daughter’s story book. She wrote, “Doing story with a daughter..contradictory statements taught. “Treated Hindus well,however broke/looted Hindu temples to build mosques.” To that Devang jokingly said, “Seriously where is that Bollywood Block app. Please someone. Make it.”

But let us tell you, Raveena is not one to simply let things go. She was discerning to come behind with a respond and wrote, “Open your options .go to a retard choice and press..That’s all . Simple. No need to lift funds.And if we do ,donate to charity.” And Devang quickly delivered. He blocked her and wrote, “I wish we could do that for an whole attention with an app. That’s all. Thanks for idea taken.”

Clarifying their stands, Devang serve wrote, “A) History is nuanced. No heroes or villains. B) Decrying a dumb twitter with dangerous consequences is eminent adequate means for me.” And Raveena wrote, “So treating a Hindus good means – we should be grateful that Aibak usually didn’t electrocute Hindus , though usually looted and tore down a culture.”

Seems that this Twitter fight was not one to finish so soon. Taking another jibe, Devang wrote, “History is created by tweeting resourceful pages from History books”- -Walter Benjamin.”

And now, it looks like Devang is confronting troubles posting things on Twitter, since he says, “Just finished essay something and can't share since someone with X1000 times supporters had to respond to me :(.”

While Raveena was bustling oblivious over a whole matter, she wrote, “Hahahahahahhaha am blissful we prepared one simpleton currently ! @devangpat.”

Let’s see what Raveena has to contend further!

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