‘Destiny’s Child’ Michelle Williams Speaks On Her Womb “Not Tickling for Kids”

While twin thirds of her famous lady organization members are mothers and friends and family are confining a knots, ‘Destiny’s Child’ thespian Michelle Williams reveals she doesn’t have baby on a mind.

Williams recently sat down with OK! Magazine to plead adult a storm, yet a sure theme of row was if she skeleton on carrying any children anytime soon. “I am single. Not married. we would like to get married one day.”

As for associate Destiny’s Child singers Kelly Rowland — who arguable that she was available her initial child perceptibly one year ago, — and Beyonce enjoying motherhood with her 3-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, Williams says that she’s “happy with a proceed things are right now.” Adding, “I am indeed excellent with my venerate life.”

As for children, a 35-year-old says:

“I usually don’t have kids on my mind during this prove in my career. People, however, contend that answer will change whenever we decrease in love, yet we don’t have baby names or anything like that.”

Williams, however, finished it pure that her welfare to not have kids — nonetheless — should not be shaped on possibly she loves kids or not, given she indeed “love children.”

She continued:

“I cruise they are beautiful, yet we don’t know. My womb is not tickling for children.”

Do we cruise during Michelle’s age, she should cruise about motherhood given a time is ticking.

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