Demi Lovato Slams Selena Gomez: ‘We’re Not Friends’ – Furious Over SelGo Dating and Using Nick Jonas

Demi Lovato Slams Selena Gomez: ‘We’re Not Friends’ - Furious Over SelGo Dating and Using Nick Jonas

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez fans went into a frenzy final month when a dual celebs seemed to have rekindled their loyalty and posted a selfie on Instagram on Sep 10. It was a initial time that Selena and Demi were speckled together and on good terms given early 2014. It’s no tip that Selena and Demi had a outrageous descending out, some believed it was since of Demi’s dislike of Justin Bieber – and others believed it was since Demi was perplexing to stay sober and Selena had a celebration problem. Regardless, a Internet rejoiced when a dual immature women finally buried a hatchet.

But, it looks like their BFF-ness was brief lived. Demi Lovato sat down for an talk with Complex Magazine only a few weeks after she posted a selfie with Selena Gomez and sensitive a contributor that she and Gomez are NOT friends, and she is no longer on vocalization terms … again.

So, what happened? How can we have a descending out in reduction than dual weeks? Demi sensitive Complex, “You know, when you’re immature and we get older, we change and people change. You have things in common, and afterwards all of a sudden, we don’t. It’s only a partial of life.”

It could be a fact that Selena Gomez is reportedly merrymaking like a rockstar again, that is not good for Demi’s sobriety. But, ubiquitous accord on amicable media is that it has zero to do with being solemn and all to do with Nick Jonas. Selena Gomez has incited in to utterly a small man-eater this year, and Nick Jonas was one of her new victims.

Demi Lovato is best-friends with Nick Jonas and really protecting of him, in an talk progressing this month she wouldn’t plead Nick’s attribute with Selena, though settled she only wanted Nick “to be happy.” If Selena chewed Nick adult and squabble him out, like a rest of her new conquests, that would really explain her really new descending out with Demi Lovato. If we wish to see how messed adult Selena done Nick only note that a poor dude indeed bending adult Kate Hudson right after – now that’s messed adult for real!

What do we guys think? Why did Demi and Selena finish their loyalty after only a few brief weeks? Was it since a reports are loyal and Selena is merrymaking too much? Or is it since of Nick Jonas? CDL recalls behind in 2013 when Selena was all high and mighty, before her possess rehab stint, observant she “believed in second chances” for bad Demi – times have changed! Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

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