‘Deadliest Catch’ Spinoff Coming To Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is spinning off a Deadliest Catch series, with a new array that explores a lives of Dungeness crab fishermen and their families in and around Newport, OR. Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove, that a network says is a operative title, is set in one of a final remaining fishing towns along a corner of a Oregon coast, streamer north to British Columbia – an area that has warranted a indeterminate eminence of being crowned Graveyard of a Pacific. That’s overdue to a indeterminate continue conditions, coastal facilities and currents that have caused a vast array of shipwrecks over a years.

Garry Ripka Deadliest CatchThe new series, premiering in tumble of 2016, will request how any year, boats line adult and take off, signaling a start of Dungeness crab season. With millions of dollars adult for grabs in one of a final derby-style fisheries in a world, a foe is won by being a fastest vessel and a initial behind to a wharf to sell.

Last month, a internal Newport News-Times journal reported Deadliest Catch producers were “poised to underline 5 Yaquina Bay fishing vessels when a Dungeness crab season” non-stop in Dec and that a Port of Newport had postulated a special use assent for Original Production LLC’s filming of what apparently was another uncover name being mulled, Deadliest Catch: Hell’s Dungeon.

Discovery Channel boss Rich Ross likes spinoffs. Last spring, Discovery systematic an appendage of a survival-in-the-buff array Naked And Afraid. In this past summer’s unveiling, Naked And Afraid XL outstripped E!’s rarely hyped we am Cait in altogether assembly and in a 25-54 demo. This entrance February, Street Outlaws New Orleans will open from a loins of Discovery’s racing existence array Street Outlaws. Ross calls his latest spinoff a healthy approach to “extend with new storylines and characters” a network’s intensely well-received Deadliest Catch franchise.

The prolongation of a Deadliest Catch code is a no-brainer. The mothership array has been a ratings and Emmy magnet for a network. In 2015, Deadliest Catch dominated a simple wire landscape on Tuesday nights in a 18-49 and 25-54 demos and with group in both demos. It averaged 3.6 million viewers this season, with 2.2 million of them in a 25-54 demo a simple wire network targets. Deadliest Catch won a Emmy for best existence array in 2011, and again in 2014 and 2015 when a difficulty of eligibility was best unstructured existence series. Deadliest Catch also has been awarded an Emmy for best existence module cinematography each year given 2011.

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove will be constructed for Discovery Channel by Original Productions; Philip D. Segal, Sarah Whalen and John Gray will exec produce, with Johnny Beechler as showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Joseph Boyle is EP.