David Penzer On What Shane McMahon Said To Him At Final Nitro, Backstage Atmosphere At End Of WCW

Global Force Wrestling ring announcer David Penzer was a guest on a Wrestling Inc. Podcast on Wednesday where he talked about Shane McMahon praising him during a final WCW Monday Nitro in Mar 2001.

“When we got finished after a show, Shane McMahon indeed pulled me aside and pronounced ‘Hey we did a unequivocally good pursuit out there.’ we figured during slightest that partial worked,” pronounced Penzer. “I had discussions with WWF during a time about a integrate opposite times for a integrate opposite things though it only never worked out for several reasons. The fact we went out there and gave it my all and a son of a trainer pulled me aside, was during slightest we achieved my goal. At slightest we went out there and showed them something.”

WrestlingINC.com owners Raj Giri asked Penzer what it was like backstage heading adult to a finish of WCW.

“You know, you’re anticipating for a best,” Penzer explained. “Back afterwards we was operative in a bureau too, partner to talent family and we was sitting in on engagement meetings, youth engagement chairman and operative for John Laurinaitis and talent family and Terry Taylor so we were only kind of doing a jobs, anticipating for a best. We didn’t know.

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“The Internet wasn’t like it is now, we couldn’t spin on your cellphone and get present access. It was roughly like a opposite universe where we didn’t get evident feedback. Social media, Twitter, everything’s evident so we didn’t have a choice. We only kind of went about a business and hoped for a best. But there was really an underlying clarity that things weren’t looking good. But again, it was a totally opposite world. You got adult and review USA Today to get a news.”

Penzer worked for WCW from a early 1990’s by a Monday Night Wars as a company’s ring announcer. He was with a association until a finish before he went on to work for Jimmy Hart’s Xcitement Wrestling Federation and afterwards TNA Wrestling until 2010. He returned to Impact this Apr as a ring announcer.

You can listen to David Penzer’s finish talk on a Wrestling Inc. Podcast in a video embedded above. If we use any quotes from this article, greatfully be certain to credit a Wrestling Inc. Podcast.

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