David Meade genocide threats in end-of-world trolling

David Meade

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David Meade from Rathfriland in County Down is a mentalist – though did not envision a finish of a world

Having a same name as a male who likely a universe would finish on Saturday – final Saturday – has caused County Down mentalist David Meade no finish of grief – even 5 genocide threats.

American swindling idealist David Meade claimed that Planet Nibiru would hit with Earth on 23 September.

David Meade, from Rathfriland, County Down, has been forced to disjoin himself from a claims.

Newspapers have wrongly related a explain to him on amicable media.

His design has also been used in propinquity to a story.

Mr Meade, who now lives in Banbridge with his mother Elaine and their family, said: “About 6 or 7 months ago we started removing a peculiar twitter here and there and we suspicion it was hilarious.

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“I consider partial of a source of a confusion, initial of all, is that it is a flattering surprising approach to spell Meade, with an ‘e’ during a end.

“But afterwards also, when people were nearing on my site they were saying things like ‘mentalist’, ‘mind reader’.

“That substantially sounds like a arrange of chairman that would envision a finish of a world,” he confessed.

“The final dual weeks have been unusual and indeed it’s verging on worrying this morning.”

The father-of-two is both a techer in general business and an hostess who “caught a bug” for mind-reading as a teenager.

His website has been so flooded with trade that it has crashed 3 times, something he pronounced was a concern, as he has 5 employees.

“Sixty percent of my work is in a United States, it is deeply worrying to consider that this nonsense could be there online and could impact my business,” he said.

He has now perceived 5 genocide threats though pronounced that he is not holding a threats seriously.

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His counsel is in hit with a series of media outlets seeking them to redress stories joining a County Down male to a story.

“A Fox news anchor related directly to my Twitter feed, directly to my website, and, to date, has refused to apologize for it,” he said.

“My categorical regard is that no one seems worried to scold this.”

The hostess seems assured a Earth is not confronting imminent doom – from an different universe during slightest – and has offering a “1000%” reinstate on tickets sole for his arriving debate “in a eventuality of an apocalypse”.

Following a fact that a universe did not finish on Saturday, a American David Meade told a Washington Post: “The universe is not ending, though a universe as we know it is ending.”

“A vital partial of a universe will not be a same a commencement of October,” he said.

He describes himself as a “Christian numerologist”, whose baleful speculation is formed on a “numeric code” he pronounced he found in a Bible.

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Planet X News

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David Meade, a “Christian numerologist”

Mainstream Christian groups have discharged his theories and have denied that Christians believed them.

He describes himself as a carrying complicated astronomy and being a “specialist in investigate and investigations” and talks about a “Planet X”.

However, a US space group pronounced Planet Nibiru, also famous as Planet X, does not exist.

David Meade, a swindling theorist, said, however: “The existence of Planet X is over any reasonable doubt.”

He pronounced Nasa detected Planet X in a 1980s and that preparations for it distinguished – or closely flitting – Earth were good underneath approach in both a US and in Russia.